Keller @ Large: Fare Hikes Likely For ‘T’

BOSTON (CBS) – The cost of getting around, may soon cost you more. The ‘T’ may raise fares next year.

The big question is, how much?

“The T a few years ago talked about a 25% increase,” says Transportation Secretary Richard Davey. “That was not enacted because the legislature did provide some relief though the sales tax increase.”

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller is at Large

So now the T needs more money and it could mean $2.50 plus for a subway ride, about two dollars for a bus ride, and $7.50 or more to travel by commuter boat.

“I would tell you that it’s probably inconceivable that we can not raise fares for next year,” says Richard Davey.

And that’s not all. Listen closely for the escape clauses in these denials.

Will the gas tax have to be increased and by how much? –  “At this point, not on the table.”

Turnpike and bridge tolls, when will they be increased and by how much? – “No plans to increase the tolls right now Jon.“

Tollbooths on the Mass border, on the table or off the table? – “At this point, not being discussed.”

Richard Davey doesn’t want to stir up any more controversy than he has to. He was candid in the interview about the indisputable fact that we can’t afford to maintain and operate the transit system – warts and all – without more money. Which leads us to another indisputable fact — you’re the one who’s going to be paying more to get around.

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