What a lovely family……Barack, Zeituni and Onyango…a.k.a. Uncle Omar.  Precious ain’t it?    So who’s going to give B.H.O. the slak this time.   He almost got a pass when Auntie Zeituni got outed in Boston.  She’s BHO’s Aunt, living in this country illegally, living in subsidized housing and collecting a monthly check, compliments of all the tax paying citizens of this country……that’s you and me.  The Prez got caught with this relative, unlawfully in this country, so he fixed it.  She’s now here with the blessings of our generous country, still illegal, but still collecting a check every month over there in South Boston.

     Now look who comes along…….Auntie’s brother….Onyango Obama, known as Uncle Omar.  That’s BHO’s uncle….and he’s got more baggage than Auntie Zeituni. Yes he too is here illegally….has been for more than 40-years, but has a driver’s license and Social Security card (how did he get either one of them) and then he got busted.    Drunk driving in front of the Chicken Bone Saloon :-) and when local police who locked him up….offered him the chance to make one phone call……..guess who he wanted to call…..”I think I’d like to call the White house.” Man if this wasn’t all true, it would be hysterical.     He was dead serious.  Onyango wants to call the White House and talk to his nephew.  Yes that would be Barack H. Obama.    Well wouldn’t ya know it….just when you need your nephew…..he’s on vacation…..unreachable in Martha’s Vineyard.   Damn I hate it when that happens!!

     And when I think back to when Jimmy Carter was getting crucified because he had a brother who ran a gas station and drank beer.   I’ll take the late Billy Carter over these Obama relatives any day.

     OK my lefty friends….I’ll stop now.    Have at it!!

Comments (4)
  1. Jac. says:

    I love this! Bravo!

  2. John A says:

    It has been reported that Ms.Wong the attorney from Chicago who worked her “magic” on behalf of Auntie Zeituni and got her successfully aboard the Govt.gravy train so that she gets all the “goodies and freebies” has been retained to do some “magic and mojo” for ‘ole Uncle Omar. I wonder who is paying Ms. Wong’s tab for her services. Of course being a great humanitarian, I’m sure she is doing a little Pro Bono work. I just wonder who engaged her the first time for Auntie, and now is going for round two on behalf of Uncle Omar? Somebody get me a Billy Beer; the brew for the bizarre…..Sold only at Wal-Mart..

    1. Jac says:

      Makes one wonder how many more relatives the POTUS has that haven’t yet been arrested, or uncovered as living off the dole.

  3. Bob says:

    Priceless….come on all you left wing weenies…you’ve had time to think up some kind of damage control to the latest POTUS relative scandal….:)

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