The Red Sox were unable to deny CC Sabathia a win last night at Fenway to in the opener of a 3 game series. The Sox left 16 men stranded in the 5-2 loss.

John Lackey (12-10) allowed five runs — four earned — on seven hits and four walks, striking out three. Lackey gave up a homer to Francisco Cervelli in the 5th inning and Cervelli celebrated the solo shot as he tagged up at home. When Cervelli came up again in the 7th, Lackey hit him in the back, sparking a bench-clearing staredown.

Johnston & Flynn, who are filling in for Toucher & Rich, spoke with Sean McAdam about the Sox loss, Lackey’s decision to drill Cervelli and the waiver deadline.

With the Red Sox down in the 7th inning was the decision to plunk Cervelli the correct one? Was Lackey right in that situation or did he just overreact?

The guys also talked about CC Sabathia finally winning a game against the Red Sox this season. What does this win mean for him and will this help his confidence if these two teams meet in the playoffs?

The waiver deadline comes down today and the Red Sox could still use some help. Is there any chance that the Sox get some help or is JD Drew the answer here?


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