Johnston & Flynn have been filling in while Toucher & Rich are out on vacation and this morning the guys were joined by Doug Flutie.

They discussed Chad Ochocinco, concussions and Boston College football.

Since joining the Patriots, Ochocinco has not been as successful as everyone had hoped, at least from what we have been able to see.

The excuse everyone keeps giving is that he’s used to an offensive system that uses numbers instead of names for routes.

The guys asked Flutie if this excuse is legitimate.

What else could be contributing to his lackluster performance?

They also talked about concussions sustained in the game and how Flutie is pairing up with Dick’s Sporting Goods to try protect young players from sustaining long term issues from concussions.

The guys also touched on a little Boston College football and discussed how the team looks heading into the season.


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