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BOSTON (CBS) – I think a lot of fans have become tired of the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry.

They feel like there’s no hate left between the two teams. No Pedro-Zimmer, Fisk-Munson, or Tek-ARod anger. There’s too much love between the players.

Or, perhaps it’s because the games take too long to play. We don’t need 4 hours to see a nine-inning game (I agree with this one).

Or, maybe it’s because there’s nothing really left to play for. Both teams will make the AL playoffs, one as the East winner with the other getting the Wild Card berth.

However, as the Sox sit 1-1/2 games up on the Yankees as the two teams ready for battle at Fenway Park tonight, I say one thing to all that:

Don’t watch!

We’ve already seen these teams play endless games before. It’s been that way for the past dozen years. It’s just that both teams share the same philosophy on working counts and plate discipline. It’s not going to change. And it won’t change until MLB does something to change the entire game of baseball.

So, bring on Lackey-Sabathia, Beckett-Hughes, and Lester-Burnett.

Bring on the postseason. Give me a Sox-Yanks ALCS. I’ll take that any day.

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It just keeps on going in Boston. I am excited for the Bruins to start up again. Can’t wait for the Pats to play for real a week from Monday. I also am excited about BC and HS football to start again.

And yes, I am excited about Red Sox-Yankees. Again.

Enjoy the ride!

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