BOSTON (CBS) – Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were still without power Monday, a day after Tropical Storm Irene hit New England.

Some might not have electricity for days.

Photos: Tropical Storm Irene

National Grid reported about 330,000 customers without electricity in Massachusetts as of 11:30 a.m. Monday.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Most of the outages were in Plymouth, Worcester, Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex Counties.

Outages as of 10:30 p.m. Monday:


  • National Grid – 276,702
  • NStar – 162,000
  • Western Massachusetts Electric – 478

New Hampshire

  • PSNH – 57,772
  • National Grid – 140
Comments (18)
  1. Frustrated says:

    Incredible how many are without power. And frustrating how local towns are not communicating with residents about what is going on – not in Stoughton at least – the local paper’s website, the local police website, the town website – none of these websites have any information or updates or emergency numbers posted!! The most information I can find is from random people tweeting from Stoughton! Wish there could be more local updates and local info given the thousands without power in Stoughton.

  2. gigi says:

    Frustrated: you are right – I am without power and have no idea when it will be restored. having a town website that keeps us informed so that we can check it (as I can from work) would be a tremendous help.

  3. Concern says:

    Unions, Charity Search Engines cents for Central Falls, RI.

  4. Concern says:

    American Red Cross: raises 7.7 Million. ( raises 5.6 Milliom .

  5. Jason says:

    Thank you so much National Grid from Marlborough: 10 am Sunday, to 4 am Monday. You have no idea how much you rely on electricity, until you lose it. But, this storm didn’t seem THAT bad for so many people to lose electricity, did it? What would happen if we had a huge nor’easter in the winter? Or an ice storm in eastern Massachusetts???

    1. Stop complaining says:

      Its 80 degrees and sunny out. Stop complaining. Central MA was without power for seven days, some without power for two weeks in December after the ice storm. 10 am Sunday to 4 am Monday. How did you ever survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. peoplesuck says:

    Is losing power really that bad for the average person? Obviously if you have a serious health issue that requres electronic equpment you have an issue. But the rest are a bunch of lazy pampered complainers. So you throw some food away and can’t watch Jersey Shore. Big deal. Just be happy you’re not floating down the street or crushed under a tree. Dont need electricity for heat and it is possible to survive without air conditioning. The complainers are probably the same people that were in a 15-car line for Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru this morning.

  7. Mike Rooney says:

    Most of Franklin has been without power since before noon yesterday and there is no end in sight , the National Grid rep had no info and was really no help she took the same info the automated system asked, its just so frustrating we knew about this storm for days they shoulda been more prepared, our power went out at the end of the storm when the worst was over.

    1. Jason says:

      Exactly Mike – the utilities knew it was coming – NOW WHAT IF, another ice storm hits? Seriously folks… Grid and NSTAR need to be MORE PRO ACTIVE so that a ‘Unitil’ doesn’t happen again! What it it were December and it were freezing outside? You’d think today outages wouldn’t even occur anymore! On another note, my land-line phone service worked throughout the entire storm… does Verizon know something the electric companies don’t?

    2. also frustrsted says:

      Haven’t even seen a National Grid truck, repair crew, or anything close to it in Franklin, has anyone else?

  8. NSTAR kicks National Grid butt says:

    NSTAR is much more pro-active than National Grid, looks like all the NSTAR rejects work for NG, every storm, same, NSTAR has folks up and running, NG is clue less.

  9. Bill McGrath says:

    I just watched the 5 am news and saw that many customers are going to be without power for a long time. I know Public Service of New Hampshire had made arranements with a canadian company to help them just in case. We were not hit very hard. I saw two Energy Quebec power trucks driving through a shopping center in Keene, NH like they didn’t have anything to do. Why can’t a power company in Massachusetts call Public Service of New Hampshire and see if they can put those canadian power crews to help in Massachusetts?
    Bill McGrath – Winchester, NH

  10. ML says:

    Hello all, what about some of us that have power and get the run around from Comcast? Comcast thinks everyone is without power. My cell service is down due to tower to tower signals it relies off of. I have no home phone to call 911!!! I went through a CAT 4 with flooding while living in FL in 2004 and got better responses then Nat’l Grid and Comcast combined.

  11. gigi says:

    NSTar ph number is stating Sept 3 for my area to have power. Well, i have lines in the road, a transformer in the road, and the road is shut down with yellow caution tape. Lets hope in a week’s time that no children or animals cross its path.

  12. linewife says:

    Many crews has traveled days with no sleep working 20 hours at the time to get power on.To answer about the crews riding around yes they many be but there are more to turning a swich on to get all that power going. They have to ride the lines out. Every power company does things differnt so when crews come in they have to watch not only for your safety but there own. In my eyes a life is more important than a few days power. Yes there maybe yellow tape every where but where we live that means DANGER keep your childern and pets in and away from it. As far as I’ve seen there has been to many deaths now. Everyone was well warned of what was coming, be prepaired and thankful you and your family members are still alive.

  13. Lynn says:

    I bet most people would stope complaining if they took a ride through Vermont and saw the DEVASTATION i saw this weekend. I cried like a baby driving through towns that were almost impassable.

  14. Alice Liebenow says:

    Do you have any pictures of the Mohawk Trail in Flordia and Savoy. And Charlemont, North Adams

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