Obama’s Uncle Arrested For Drunk Driving In Framingham

BOSTON (CBS) – An illegal immigrant from Kenya who was arrested for drunk driving in Framingham recently is an uncle of President Barack Obama, the White House confirmed to CBS News.

Onyango Obama, also known as Uncle Omar, was arrested last Wednesday, August 24 after police say he nearly ran his SUV into a police cruiser and later failed several sobriety tests outside a restaurant on Route 135 in Framingham.

Police said the 67-year-old ran a stop sign and was drunk when they pulled him over.

Documents obtained by WBZ-TV show when Onynago was asked if he wanted to make a phone call following his arrest, he responded, “I think I will call the White House.”

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve reports

The White House confirmed to CBS News that Onyango Obama is the half-brother of the president’s father. He is also the older brother of President Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, who lived for years illegally in South Boston. She told WBZ-TV in September 2010 after being granted asylum that the United States has an “obligation” to grant her citizenship.

WBZ-TV has confirmed that Onyango Obama is represented by Margaret Wong, the same Cleveland-based attorney who helped Zeituni Onyango get asylum in the United States last year.

Onyango Obama gave his address as 37 Charles Street in Framingham. A young man who answered the door says he was not allowed to answer any questions.

Neighbors said Onyango Obama always appeared to be friendly and outgoing.

WBZ-TV has confirmed that Onyango Obama is in the custody of federal agents, most likely in Boston, because he now faces possible deportation. It is believed he entered this country from Kenya some 41 years ago.

In the president’s book “Dreams from my Father,” there is a reference to an uncle who left and never came back.

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve contributed to this report.

  • timma

    is anyone in his family here legally?

  • John A

    No wonder “The Messiah” wants to grant amnesty to the “illegals” and get them on the gravy train. Don’t try and convince me that The Govt, with all it’s assets and abilities couldn’t find Obama’s illegal Aunt and Uncle if they really wanted to.

  • JCA

    If they would just follow the LAW, as written….the feds would find ALL illegals. We all know that isn’t going to happen, it’s too big of a voting block for the donkeys :).

  • george hand

    Now Dan Rea no longer has to say “Onyango Obama, not President Obama” and can instead say “Not President Obama’s aunt but President Obama’s uncle!”.

  • Joan Hogan

    Well You cannot Blame President Obama for His relatives Mishaps or Illegal
    Immmigration Status. If you Remember Former President George Bush has a
    Substance Abuse History, As wellas, His Daughter. President Bush Was Caught Drunk Driving In the State Of Maine. I Do not see anyone making Comments About Bush and his Family.

    • OpinionChick

      Joan…get off the Bush bandwagon and just deal with the issue at hand. Obama has illegal family living on taxpayer money. If the guy can call the White House…that means Obama knew the guy was in Boston….same as his aunt. That means he knows his family is living illegally off our money. So his aunt got asylum? what for…they wont beat her up for going home. Asylum is for if you are in danger of going home.

    • Joe Jadczak

      Yea Blame Bush again..LOL!! Don’t you guys have anything better to put out there?..LOL!!

    • Gloria

      And Laura Bush takes top prize for HER mishaps.

      • A

        @ Gloria
        Since this debate has become a fight over which party has the biggest mishaps and you lunge at the Republicans

        One word for you : KENNEDY

        There – for every mishap you find on any republican, I will give you 10 and all within the same damn family

      • Don Winn

        This is not which party has the biggest mishaps , this is about first President who hasd illegal here and enjoy ouur tax payer money, and acted stupidly, then want to call the white house.
        Did we vote for his family members as well even though they are illegally to live here? Can we blame on Bush for this, I guess you say yes.
        Is this drunk driving guy must be respected by all american? .

        What a whining Presisident and his followers.

      • Don Winn

        Hi Gloria,

        This is not which party has the biggest mishaps , this is about first President who hasd illegal here and enjoy ouur tax payer money, and acted stupidly, then want to call the white house.
        Did we vote for his family members as well even though they are illegally to live here? Can we blame on Bush for this, I guess you say yes.
        Is this drunk driving guy must be respected by all american? .

        What a whining Presisident and his followers.

        GROW UP PLEASE !

      • JohnC

        Joe Kennedy gave his life on a bombing mission in WW2 so that you would have the freedom to beat on his family.

      • A

        My bad. I forgot the Cardinal Rule of MA

        “Thou shall not speak ill of thy Kennedy’s”

        You need to learn a little about American history there my dear John. Allow me – an immigrant to expand

        While I appreciate Joe Kennedy’s sacrifice, his life on a bombing mission during WW2 did not grant me free speech. That was was folks like Paul Revere, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin who did that. US Declaration of Independence, US Constitution etc – I am sure you are familiar with those

        But since you brought up WW2, you must be of age, might even old enough to remember WW2.

        So it shouldn’t be a problem for you to remember these two names either. Least of all defending the mighty Kennedy’s

        Mary Jo Kopechne
        Martha Moxley

        Google is allowed and then feel free to come back and we will discuss from there

    • Bob L

      No one made comments about former President Bush….. are you kidding??

    • HDgal

      No comparison, Bush is not an illegal alien. Also, he did not try and run over a cop.

    • baba booey

      And don’t forget to mention Laura Bush’s car accident which killed a pedestrian…

    • abdul kareem jabbar

      im surprised our government run propaganda machine media even elected to show us this article at all… god forbid we talk about the communist and his communist party disguised as democrats…….thats why i usually read all the worlds news and not bother listening to our propaganda machine… they wanna brain wash you into believing their agenda

      • AmericanCitizen

        So tru. Adul. The media casually leaves out real news that citizens of this country should really hear.

        This administration is trying to take our rights away one step at a time. Communism at it’s best. Take from the hard-working and give to the lazy.

        and when people step up to say enough is enough, they label them terrorists and racists which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    • A

      @ Joan
      Can’t speak for everyone, only myself.

      I don’t blame Obama for anything thing in this case. I blame the federal government for their complete lack in enforcing their own laws

    • Chekker

      Bush’s relatives were not here ILLEGALLY, nor where they living on tax payer handouts. Soes this guy look like he has a job and pays taxes? By the way, Obamas father killed a woman drunk driving in Kenya, so despite your best wishes, this is news and it is disgusting all around. A young man was just killed in Milford a week ago by a drunk driver who was in the US illegally.

      At this point we should have to pay for OBAMA’s relatives, President Obama is wealthy and should be supporting his relatives who are here illegally, not the tax payers. Its tiring listening to the Obama apologists. You have crucified Bush for much less. Wrong is wrong is wrong so deal with it.

      • bengit100

        Mrs Bush also killed a young man in car crash, when she was in the late teens, didn’t spend one second in jail, it was covered up, even though there was proof she ran a stop sign. Every family have issues in thier lives. I am not sayingMr O uncle shouldn’t be punished , I feel there are two system of justice. One for the Rich who never are punish for thier crimes even though they just as bad or sometimes worst, that poor people.

      • Derrick

        Laura Bush is a drunk driving murderer as well.

  • http://allianceforanidiotfreeamerica.wordpress.com/2011/08/29/report-obama%e2%80%99s-uncle-arrested-for-drunk-driving-in-framingham-via-cbs-boston/ Report: Obama’s Uncle Arrested For Drunk Driving In Framingham (via CBS Boston) « The Alliance for an "Idiot-Free" America

    […] Report: Obama’s Uncle Arrested For Drunk Driving In Framingham (via CBS Boston) Filed under: Uncategorized by TooDamnEZ — Leave a comment August 29, 2011 BOSTON (CBS) – An illegal immigrant from Kenya who was arrested for drunk driving in Framingham recently is reportedly an uncle of President Barack Obama. 67-year-old Onyango Obama was arrested last Wednesday, August 24 after police say he nearly ran his SUV into a police cruiser and later failed several sobriety tests. According to the MetroWest Daily News, he pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Thursday, but he was ordered held without bail b … Read More […]

  • JC

    Was it Ripple, Boone’s Farm or Thunderbird?

    • LM


  • FireGuyFrank

    It seems the president used all his good luck to get elected to the Senate, then the Presidency. He can’t buy a break right now.

    What a shame. So much hope and change to get where he is. In fact, he’s three years in with less hope and obviously, no change from any other politician.

  • YouDrankTheKoolAid

    First he has his Illegal Immigrant Kenyan Aunt given AMNESTY, now his Illegal Immigrant Uncle is busted for DUI as well as defying ICE Deportation Orders…

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama – the ONLY US President with two Illegal Immigrant family members living in the US,…

    • LM

      I bet there are a lot more than that. But it explains why he and his administration are hell bent on changing ICE policy so they have their hands tied when it comes to deportation. Wake up America – this man is President not KING.

  • http://www.fireandreamitchell.com/2011/08/29/obamas-illegal-kenyan-alien-uncle-onyango-obama-arrested-for-drunk-driving-in-massachusetts/ Obama’s illegal Kenyan alien uncle Onyango Obama arrested for drunk driving in Massachusetts : Fire Andrea Mitchell!

    […] uncle named Onyango Obama arrested for drunk driving in the same general area. According to cBS Boston, the 67-year-old Onyango Obama was arrested on August 24 after police say he nearly ran his SUV […]

  • ObamaDRUNK

    Someone who hook up old Oyango with Michelle Obama. Maybe she can share some of her expensive vodka and martinis with him.

    • HDgal

      I wonder if Michelle drinks Grey Goose or Cossack!!

  • A

    In the summer of 1999 I arrived in this country on a legally obtained visa.
    Since then I have followed the US Immigration’s procedures, rules and regulations and now enjoy being a US Citizen.

    Can anyone please explain to me why I did that ? Why did I spend so much money in legal fee’s, application fee’s etc when the Federal/State government obviously have no interest in actually enforcing the Immigration Laws

    Ahh, the money I could have saved.

    • OpinionChick

      Well you did it the right way. That is why this is all so disgusting…Obama can break rules with his family and they all get a pass. Just feel good about yourself that you did it all right.

    • bengit100

      When you say you went through the legal system and paid money to get your citzenship, isn’t that normal? I also did the right way, and I also paid the necessary fees to become a citizen. People come to the US, for an opportunity to have better llife, and I assume that illegal immigrants are hoping for the same thing.Think back A, an look into your heart, because you know what its like, tor you when wanted an opportunity to live here. Not all immigrants a criminal, in fact it is a small percentage, and yes they should be punished for any crimes they commit, Just as it should be for any criminal. I think as far the President’s uncle is concerned, it seems he was just name dropping. I had many uncles to drank to much, and after while you realize you can’t anything to help them, they are just on their own, He did commit a crime in fact two, bieng an illegal. So he should be punish and deported,that correct punishment. They are hard working Immigrants, some came as young children and they only know life in America, they had no choice in the matter, for those people, they should be given a part to citizenship

      • Dan Moreau

        you better learn how to write

    • LM

      Well, I am so glad you did! People like you are the reason we welcome LEGAL immigrants to this country. You are now part of our country and people will respect you for doing it the right way!

  • Perks210

    He is arrested in Framingham Mass – and it takes an Australian newspaper to figure out he is the President’s uncle? Really?

    • LM

      I was thinking the same exaxt thing. Perhaps ICE wasn’t allowed to leak it to the American Press.

  • Bob Nelson

    Word now is that Mr. Obama had a valid social security number and driver’s license–despite being an illegal alien. You may recall in the 1980s the Dukakis administration attempted to get FAKE Social Security numbers to illegal aliens so they could get on welfare. How “Omar/Onyango” Obama got an SSN and driv lic despite being an illegal–we’ll have to find out.

  • abdul kareem jabbar

    they can all be future presidents for this nation turning communist fast

  • George Boykin

    Poor Uncle Omar! If he was somebody other than The Great Obungler’s uncle, he’d be at home right now chugging down a “cold one.”

  • B

    America, The only country in the world where the word “Illegal” means nothing unless your a US Citizen.

  • yamstar1

    Well maybe he can move in with Auntie Z in the government (yes you and me) provided housing and they can have a combination family reunion/beer summit to discuss how to further destroy the immigration laws. To quote the late Dapper; “it makes ya sick!” But not to worry WBZ, CBS, ABC et. al will continue to carry the Obama family’s water.

  • MetalElf

    What? Does he have his whole village tribe here! That’s what happens when we elect Ubangis for presidents.

  • A

    Do you think Deval Patrick will come out and say that this is not an Illegal Immigration issue but just another DRUNK and we should throw the book at him too?

    When will it end.

  • http://www.cyclonefanatic.com/forum/politics-religion-global-warming/126534-dui.html#post2360531 DUI - CycloneFanatic

    […] […]

  • Alan

    There’s no way for President Obama to win this one. If he helps his uncle, it’s rank abuse of his station. If he doesn’t, he’s a heartless monster with no affection for his own family.

    We’ve all got those hapless, embarrassing family members but most of us a lucky enough not to be held accountable for all their hapless, embarrassing misadventures.

    • OpinionChick

      True Allen…I have mine. The only difference…they are all legal.

    • marcia

      we have not ALL been vetted to be POTUS!

  • HDgal

    And how come they both settled in Mass.????

  • HDgal

    If Deval insists on keeping this illegal alien drunk, then Deval has to be recalled.
    Enough is enough with coddling this ilk, get him out of here to Kenya, where he belongs. Is he on the dole too? No wonder this country is bankrupt. Thanks,
    liberals, you sure know how to ruin a good country.

    • devalisaPOS

      or we can find some drunk illegals to follow deval and let them crash into him. Maybe then deval will CHANGE the way he harbors illegals in massachusetts

  • Dar Dar

    I am seriously concerned for the arresting officers career and the consequences of arresting the Presidents Uncle. I expect the kool aid drinking propaganda machine will be exposing this officer as a racist , closet tea party member, who targeted the family of the President. I didn’t vote for Bush or Obama and I dont agree with comparing both failures and their dysfunctional families. What part of illegal do some people fail to understand? How many of these illegal aliens or Presidents relatives are we supporting in Deval’s.Socialist Parasites I meant Paradise

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