BOSTON (CBS) – Downed trees are the most common sight after Tropical Storm Irene and many of our viewers, listeners, and readers have questions about what exactly your insurance will cover.

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Barbara Anthony, the under-secretary of the Office of Consumer Affairs, spent some time answering questions on WBZ-TV.

Watch video:

Q: In terms of your insurance, what’s the difference between a downed tree in your yard and a downed tree on your home?

A: “If the tree is yours and it falls on your house or your car, unfortunately, call your insurance company right away. Get your adjuster down there. Your homeowners’ will probably cover it if it’s on your home. If it’s your automobile, your automobile insurance should cover it if you have comprehensive coverage. So, those are the two kinds of insurance companies you want to call right away.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Laurie Kirby reports

Q: Are freezers full of food covered by insurance?

A: “It could be. Take pictures of the food. Call your insurance company, look at your policy. If you don’t think it’s covered, it’s worth asking the question.”


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