Toucher & Rich were watching some videos of a freestyling competition after the show last week, and came up with a great idea: Which 98.5 The Sports Hub host would be able to serve it up the best in a rap battle?

Read: Toucher & Rich’s 98 Mile: Round 1 Recap

Massarotti took Felger down in their semi-final battle from Monday and secured himself a spot in the final. Listen to their raps again right here.

D.A. defeated Fred in their matchup from yesterday to move on to battle for the crown. You can listen to their battle again here.

So the final matchup is set, Massarotti will face off against D.A. for the 98 Mile crown. But, for this round we change things up a bit. Instead of the two busting rhymes about each other they’ll be ripping on The Sports Hub’s competition in town. And they won’t be alone, each of these guys gets put together their own super group.

Make sure that you tune in tomorrow for the final round where a winner will be crowned.


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