FOXBORO (CBS) – Tom Brady held his press conference Wednesday in the team’s media work room, and it’s fitting the Patriots quarterback talked about tempo as the team gets ready to head to Detroit.

When it comes to the tempo of the Patriots offense, right now it’s moving fast.  The guys are getting to the line, the ball is snapped and it all happens with about 15 seconds left on the play clock.

Tom says keeping that tempo is the key.

“Coaches really think it’s important. You get into rhythm out there and it’s hard when you have a bad tempo, a slow rhythm to the offense,” said Brady. “Guys are walking back to huddle, walking to line. You have a bad play and you’re walking back to huddle. To me, when we get a good tempo, I like to keep the pressure on the defense rather than give them time to catch their breath. I really enjoy that.”

“That’s why I love being in the two-minute drill as well, it’s mandatory fast tempo,” he said. “You rush to the line of scrimmage, see the coverage, the ball snaps, you make throw, and you’re right on to the next play. If we do that well, it can be a great strength for our team.”

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At times, the Buccaneers looked lost while the Patriots were quickly getting to the line of scrimmage. Despite that, Brady still took some hits and there were a lot of tacklers around his feet. But that’s part of the game and he says, and all of it is necessary.

“[Hits are] part of the preseason process,” said Brady, who threw for two touchdowns and 118 yards last week against the Bucs. “You have guys sack you and knock you on the ground. The body can callus to the hits — hopefully not too much. That’s actually a nice thing to have happen to a quarterback. You kinda settle into the game. Everybody goes in with some anxiety, some nerves. The offensive linemen get that knocked out pretty quick when they hit someone right across the line. A quarterback takes a nice hit and you can really settle into the game.”

Tom also shed some light on the Peyton Manning situation.  The Colts quarterback is recovering from neck surgery, and there is word, he may not start the season.  Brady does not believe that.

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 “He’ll be playing,” said Brady, who has shared a friendly rivalry with Manning over the years. “You gotta be kidding me. He’ll be playing. I know Peyton, he’s as tough as competitor as there is. It’s going to be hard to keep him out. I think I heard Coach [Tony] Dungy say today that [Manning] had to be dead not to play in that game.”


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