A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Had to go out and fill up the chariot this morning and from the best I can tell….I do hope you’re doing a little shopping before fillin’ ‘er up.  Prices are all over the place…..and I do mean….all over the place.

     We all understand the oil companies will rip us off with a clean conscience.  The refineries certainly don’t have any trouble tuckin’  it too us….we can’t see them, they can’t see us.      But I’m mildly surprised that the local gas stations, the local businessman who does have to look us in the eye…is really slammin’ us as well.    Why?    Because they can I suppose but it’s absurd the fluctuations I’m finding at the pump.    Most of the gas stations in my immediate neighborhood are around $3.62 to maybe $3.79 a gallon.    But about 5 miles down the road from me, three gas stations selling regular for the $3.48.   One of them $3.45 a gallon. What’s up with that?   And get this, less than three miles from there, I found one gouger (and he has been for many years) selling regular gas for $3.89 a gallon. What a thief……and yes, nobody waiting at the pumps when I drove by.

     I guess my message is this….the oil companies are screwin’ us…we know that.   But don’t let the local business people do it too you as well.   If you’re paying $3.60 or more per gallon….it’s too much.


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