A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Hey New England Patriots…….how’s that 340 pounds (or is it 360) of trouble workin’ out for ya?   I know he’s not spending much time if any on the practice field so far….or the pre-season games….but are you keepin’ him away from the ice cream, hot dogs and donuts?    Keepin’ him away from the courthouse I realize is something no-one has been successful at yet, but who knows, pretty soon he just might be out there pushin’ and shovin’ some linemen around.   Like I said, I’m sure Myra is still trying to get over this one.

     One other note briefly on the Patriots, only because it got so much publicity, thanks to the so-called legitimate mainstream media.   It has to do with the photograph of Tom Brady’s nude son and I can’t help but say, I find this to be outrageous.   Bad enough a perv blogger publishes the picture of a child less than two years old with comments about the size of the baby’s genitalia…..if that isn’t enough to label this whacko a sexual predator, I’m not sure what is.    And for the mainstream media to then “run with the story”….I’m flabbergasted.    I understand it was done, only because it was Tom Brady’s son.   Everyone agrees on that….and I get that!!     A minor car accident….no media..unless it’s Tom Brady…I get it.  A barroom fight…no media…..unless it’s Tom Brady..I get it.   A wedding ceremony, no media coverage….unless it’s Tom Brady.   I get that!     But a picture of a 20-month old baby boy with a focus on the size of his “Howitzer” because it’s Tom Brady’s kid?   I DON’T GET THAT and it’s sick.


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