Baseball Insider, Jon Heyman, joined Gresh and Mike Flynn to discuss the Red Sox and the rest of the majors.

The Red Sox have been bitten by the injury bug as of late, and although center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury will likely return in the next few days, there is cause for concern when it comes to designated hitter David Ortiz and third baseman Kevin Youkilis.

“I’d be concerned about Youkilis and I’d be concerned about Ortiz,” said Heyman. “I’d be worried, back injury is nothing to mess with. We’ve seen Buchholz out with a back injury for a long time.”

As for Ortiz and his foot injury, even though Papi doesn’t play the field, a foot injury on a larger player is always cause for concern.

“We’re talking about a big man; a foot injury with a big guy (is) never great,” said Heyman.

One thing the Red Sox shouldn’t have to worry about is having Josh Reddick in right field, despite his recent “cooling off.”

“I thought at the time they probably needed a righty bat, a potential guy to platoon with him,” Heyman said. “But he is hitting .321 against lefties. I think by and large he’s done a good job. I know the last week or two has not been productive… but I think looking at Reddick’s overall performance it’s not bad, nothing terrible to worry about.”

How has Carl Crawford dealt with his mighty struggles this year? What are Heyman’s thoughts on Erik Bedard’s first four starts?

“He’s been pretty mediocre. I would have thought it would have went one way or another,” said Heyman of Bedard. “He’s been kind of in the middle, four so-so outings… none great, none terrible.”

And, what’s the deal with AJ Burnett and Joe Girardi? That and more with our baseball guy, Jon Heyman!


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