By Kim Tunnicliffe, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

BOSTON (CBS) – A former Andover High School student who claims she was raped on a school trip is suing the town and two of its teachers.

The girl is accusing the teachers of failing to properly supervise students on a trip to Europe three years ago, when she was 16. She also says the chaperones did nothing to stop students from drinking.

The lawsuit states the victim had been drinking hard liquor at a party in Germany, when a student from Vermont held her down and raped her, then bragged about it to his friends.

WBZ NewsRadio 10300’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

After the assault, the girl says the teachers failed to notify police or get her to a doctor and they tried to silence her about the incident. She claims the teachers went so far as to direct other students to ignore her public crying.

The suit points to trip documents assuring parents their kids would be properly supervised and disciplined for any misbehavior, including drinking or sexual conduct.

A lawyer for the school department says the accusations are baseless and the town is vigorously defending the lawsuit.

Comments (7)
  1. Paul says:

    And if she loses….is she prepared to pay the legal fees and expenses of the town, school district and chaperones?

  2. Patrice says:

    Where has she been for the past three years? Sounds like someone is looking to make a little cash.

  3. petem says:

    I suppose the fact hat she was raped had no bearing on the time it took her to get to this point…
    I don’t know why, but too often when a story appears that is about something that has caused someone pain the nasty trolls are the first ones out.
    For me, I hope the girl involved and her family gain some sense of closure and that the boy who did this held accountable.
    To Kelly Tunnicliffe, It would help the reader to know something about the VT boy mentioned. Where charges ever pursued? If not, why not?

    1. Gail Lynch says:

      I absolutely agree. There is no need for this kind of cruelty in this day in age. I swear with all of the psychologicial, health, and other science information
      and research that has been done in the past thirty or fifty years, we have not
      come too far. People are devolved, devoid of common sense, never mind logic, brain-dead, and more dangerous than before.
      When will we move forward and get with it? I don;t have much
      hope in that happening. That is why Mother Nature has orders from her boss to
      finally finish us off. I hope it happens. People are dumber than rocks this day in
      age and we do not deserve this postion of being the master of earth’s domain.

  4. dms says:

    she must need money for college now…

  5. Gail Lynch says:

    The sickos are out on a tangent. A lot of times when there is a rape, the
    victim does not come forward, because of trauma from the rape, only to
    aslo know that there are creeps like those posting here are quick to blame the
    vicitim. It should be taught early on that if you force yourself on someone else, drunk or not, face the consequences. We all know that alcohol and teenagers do not mix. The teachers and chaperones should be held liable in this case, and the young lady should have never been drinking herself. She could in no way be able to fight or get away if she was plastered. Ladies, you need to learn to fight and defend yourselves and get nasty when you have to. No creep wants a victim who fights them. It’s not worth thier time.

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