Toucher & Rich were watching some videos of a freestyling after the show last week, and came up with a great idea: Which 98.5 The Sports Hub host would be able to serve it up the best in a rap battle?

What happened next, words can’t describe.

Round one of Toucher & Rich’s 98 Mile Rap Battle is in the books. Here’s a wrap up of how things went down, and of course, what’s still to come.

The first matchup featured Jon Wallach going head-to-head with Rich. After all the votes were counted Rich came out on top, but it was a lot closer than anyone expected. Click here to listen to their battle.

The second battle pitted Tony Massarotti against Adolfo. Mazz ended up blowing Adolfo away scoring 84% of the votes. Listen to their battle by clicking here.

The next matchup had Andy Gresh going up against Michael Felger. It’s public knowledge that these two do not get along and everyone couldn’t wait to hear what these two had to say. Everyone thought that this was going to be a close one, but when the votes were tallied Felger was the run away winner securing 82% of the votes. You can listen to their epic battle here.

The fourth battle pitted Scott Zolak against Fred in a heavyweight bout. The two stepped up and gave it their best and when the dust settled Fred was crowned the winner receiving 66% of the votes. Listen to these two going back and forth here.

The final battle of the first round featured D.A. and Felger & Mazz producer James Stewart. This matchup’s winner won by the largest margin of any other with 89%. Congratulations were given to D.A. as he claimed the last spot in the Final Four. Listen to D.A spin some rhymes in their big battle here.

Since there were an odd number of winners moving on, someone had to be eliminated. The guys agreed that the winner with the smallest margin of victory would be eliminated, so after all the battles were completed the gang found that Rich would not be moving on to the semi-finals.

Tune in to Toucher & Rich on Monday as the semifinals get underway. Co-hosts Felger and Massarotti will duke it out on Monday, followed bys D.A. against Fred on Tuesday.

Who will be moving on? Make sure you vote after the battles for who you think should win.

Then on Friday the two finalists meet in the battles of all battles for complete world domination. Who’s going to take the crown in the 98 Mile rap battle?

Tune in all week to find out…

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