BOSTON (CBS) – Dan Rea wouldn’t begrudge President Obama from taking a vacation, but in this Weekend Commentary, he questions if right now is a good time for him to take one.

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Originally broadcast August 20th, 2011.

Comments (2)
  1. Randy Kazooty says:

    Not again! He has a cell phone and they probably have televisions on Martha’s Vineyard so he can see the news. Who cares where he happens to be sitting. If there are any worthwhile new developments he can be back in Wash DC in a couple of hours.

    This is a market of about 4,000,000 people; isn’t anything else going on?

  2. Rick Hully says:

    Worst commentary I’ve heard lately. Are you one of those stupid tea party people who believe no one but you are smart enough to make comments. Congress is off for 5 weeks after a disastrous session of trying to solve the countries problems caused entirely by the Republican party and their Tea Party cohorts. Now, after they messed the economy up so severely, took a very long vacation. Bush took so many during bad times that it was a joke and now you say Obama can’t take a short 10 day vacation. What kind of hypocrite are you. You lost me as a listener.

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