MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Members of New Hampshire’s National Guard are reunited with their families tonight.

In the crowd of military families the sacrifices are many; especially for the family of Private John Davis.

To say Davis comes from a military family is an understatement. Five family members have been deployed in Iraq or Kuwait.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

Davis is the third to come home in the last two weeks; Waiting for him, his daughter Mileena. He was deployed when she was born.

This unit has been gone for a year, leaving mothers and fathers, husband and wives and lots of children behind.

There were more than 800 soldiers deployed with this National Guard unit. They’re coming home in waves. But the good news is, remarkably, there were no casualties.

Now these soldiers have a joyful new mission, making up for lost time.

Comments (2)
  1. Lieut Dan's Aunt says:

    welcome home ladies & gentlemen, heroes all, including your families. thank you all for your service & sacrifice.

  2. Susan S. Davis says:

    Congrads to all the New Hamphire Troops, we are all proud of them for keeping our country safe! I am especially proud of my nephew Captain Robert Teague who has been in command of the troops while in Kuwaitt. I just heard of his arrival in the USA! Robert lives in South Berwick, Maine.

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