WALPOLE (CBS) – Three young women were taken to the hospital after a deck collapsed at a party in Walpole.

It happened at a home on Hitching Post Drive around 9:30 p.m Thursday.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jim Smith reports

A wooden deck on the second floor of the house suddenly fell apart during a party.

“They were having a birthday party for one of the kids here. The cake came out, they were all around the cake, that’s when it collapsed,” Walpole Fire Dept. Captain Stephen Smith told WBZ-TV.

“There were about 15-to-20 people on top of the deck who slid down, towards the foundation.”

Two women broke their ankles and a third went to the hospital for a concussion.

There were several other minor injuries.

WBZ-TV’s Sera Congi reports

Smith said the teens were not jumping or dancing, but just standing there when the deck collapsed.

“The building inspector is looking into the structural part as far as the deck being installed and that type of thing. From what I hear, it’s quite an old deck,” Deputy Police Chief John Carmichael told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Friday.

Investigators say beer was found in bottles and cans at the party.

“We will be following up with everybody that was on scene as far as whether or not there was any underage drinking,” Carmichael said.

If there was, police say any adults who were hosting the party may face charges.

  1. emom says:

    First let me say I am not trying to say anyone is at fault, nor pointing any fingers, this is merely a request to anyone with decks or wooden objects that are walked on,… I wonder why decks above a certain height are not inspected more often.. We hear of multi family homes having deck collapse, and many are tragic,,, But why are home decks never inspected more often too.. I have an in-law that has a deck above 12 feet from the ground, and when you walk on it you feel it has some movement. but they assure me its safe,, I will not allow me or my child on it since No wood last forever, we have to replace fencing when it rots, roofs when they leak, window sills , so many wooden items on a home need care.. Pressure treated has a limit, its not forever. Hidden rot shows up in many areas of a deck but in order of seeing if you have to get under it. look at the edges that meet the house, look at the footings, railings, and very important the steps, ,,,,cant tell you how many times I have seen steps that look so worn and are weak, they feel spongy and the nails are coming out..
    Inspect and look around your decks, see if nails are backing out, if the footings look sound feel them if they are brittle spongy or moving re place them, look at the cross section under the flooring are they bowing, split, or coming away they might need replacing, look at the connection to the side of the house see how the beams look, see if there is termites a bigger issue, but tough the beams shake them are they moving ,, that’s trouble, simply things we can do to get a heads up to a problem. Snow, and ice are a huge problem on hidden spots on decks especially on the beams under the decking. We can not see damage done by it,,, when we do its way to late. I know Have seen it many times first hand. We take for granted that pressure treated wood last forever. IT DOESN”T, they do have a limit but deteriorate faster here in New England because of our multi seasons, and If the woods is from over 20 years ago its not that good … they have improved it but still inspecting it every year is very important.. Please inspect every year your decks,,,,,

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