BOSTON (CBS) – With the departure of Alge Crumpler, the Patriots are going to need a new captain. I know this may be to early to talk about but let’s do it anyway.

I think Tom Brady, Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork will continue to be the team’s captains and leaders. I don’t see them losing the “C” at all.

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I would like to see a “C” go to Kevin Faulk, but I think he has to be healthy at the beginning of the season for that. He may not be ready to go, when these games start to count.

Patrick Chung could be a captain. Guys seem to be heading his way for advice and he is taking more of a leadership role this year.

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Here are the long shots:

Logan Mankins makes leadership money now and everybody in the league knows Logan’s value. He is a bona fide star and he his taking on a leadership role. I think he would have a lot of pull in that locker room.

Finally, what about Devin McCourty? I know it’s only his second season, but Jerod Mayo was named captain in his second year. McCourty is one of the team’s best players and he does all the right things. He can be named captain.

Just a thought and again, I know it’s early.


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