HOPKINTON (CBS) – A police officer on a construction detail was hurt when he was hit by a truck Thursday morning.

It happened at the intersection of Wood and Elm Streets just before 8 a.m.

The unidentified officer was taken to UMass Memorial Medical Center where he’s being treated for serious, but non-life threatening injuries to his lower body, according to police.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

It’s not clear at this point if the driver of the construction truck will be charged.

The truck belonged to Ludlow Construction.

The company had no comment.

The town is replacing sewer lines on Elm Street and repaving the road in the area.


Comments (11)
  1. Matt says:

    I would much rather have a flag man hit over a police man any day.

  2. Cinque says:

    Isn’t it the duty of the detail officer to control the work site and keep his eyes open rather than talking on his cellphone, chatting with other workers or looking into the hole? Last time I checked, we are the only state that uses details by police for every piece of work regardless of the size of the project. Consequently, there are going to be accidents and some serious injuries which only tells one that if you want the $40 an hour, then keep your eyes openand stop complaining.

    1. A says:

      We are not the only state that use officers at construction sites, but the only state that find it absolutely neccesary at almost ALL construction sites.

      I am still waiting to see statistics from someone as to how many construction workers or motorists gets injured at a non detail site vs a detail site.

      Seems to me, the only ones that gets hurt at these sites are the officers. That we hear about.

      And considering it would be in the police’s best argument to prove their worth at sites like this, we would most certainly hear about ALL incidents at non details sites.

      It is a complete waste of tax payers money.

      And don’t you tell me that it is the construction companies that pays the officer not the tax payers cause guess how the construction company pays the officer. By adding it to the bill who is paid for by who ?? yes the city, town or state which again gets the money from who ?? yes… taxpayers

      My argument is still that this state could be a magnet for new residents if the cops were out doing their police work and keeping crime at bay, instead of sitting at a dumptruck on 93.

  3. ichy says:

    Was the officer drunk?

  4. Liz says:

    SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. As the wife of a police officer I know how hard they work. Is it possible that the officer in this case wasn’t paying attention? Yes.

    However, just like we don’t go screaming and yelling about people who get hit crossing a street or when skateboarders get killed. Shame on you all for not showing concern for the officer and only thinking about your wallet. People are people. Officer or flag man this could happen.

    Officers are responsible for watching for cars who may hit them or the construction site… this officer may have been watching that not expecting one of the crew to not pay attention.

    GROW UP. I’d love to come to your workplace and see if there is a moment where you don’t pay attention or make a mistake. Difference is that in your job you don’t risk your own life when you make a mistake. You are sad, pathetic people.

    1. Matt says:

      Can you repeat that I was not paying attention?

      1. petem says:


    2. A says:

      Name one instance where a construction worker or a motorist has been hurt as a direct result of a construction site without a police officer present.

      Name one and I will name 10 where an officer on details at a site has gotten hurt.

      You dare to attack me on the wallet. Fine – I will attack you on yours.
      The overtime and detail pay they get for doing absolutely nothing, yes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, works for you don’t it ?

      I would actually rather you said thank you for the extra money I pay your husband for reading a newspaper while on the job, talking on the cell phone while on the job etc.

      I have yet, after 11 years in this state, to see a single cop, local or state do anything but the following at details sites

      1) Sit in the cruiser reading the paper
      2) Sit in the cruiser on the phone
      3) Chat with the construction workers
      4) Chat with the construction workers while staring into the hole they are digging

      I have yet to see any officer actually direct traffic, pay attention to traffic or do anything remotely safety related and ANY details.

      I have the highest respect for the officers and the job they do. WHEN they do it.
      I feel that an officer out preventing crime is much more useful than sitting at a cone

      To say that details are hard work is saying that I built up a sweat taking a shower this morning.

      Details are about one thing and one thing only. The Unions way to get the officers extra money. Plain and simple. More money on my expense for unneccesary use of state/city property.

      And don’t even try either to use the “they risk their life for you” approach. Yes they do and thank you. I will walk up to any cop and shake his or her hand for exactly that. But will also remind them that they chose this job well knowing the risk if they try and use that against me

      1. Liz says:


        I will make this as simple as possible for you. This article is about an officer who was hit and seriously hurt. Is your priority to vent your frustrations of 11 years or to be concerned about the officer? If it it’s the former then you need to go find another place to do so.

        When you’ve stood for 8 hours on hardtop in 85+ degree days dealing with construction workers, aggressive and/or stupid drivers that are on the road then please keep your mouth closed about the “hard work” issue.

        By the way they also talk to the construction workers about what they need to do next so the officer can properly move his cruiser or block off an area. They are often the one injured because they are what is in between the cars and the construction site.

        If you really have a problem with officers that you’ve seen for 11 years then you should be going to your local chief with the information you have. Otherwise quit your complaining and show some respect. You know NOTHING about what caused this accident, and as such should not make yourself look like a bitter person yelling to whoever will listen (none of which matter to your cause).

      2. A says:

        Here maybe this will make you feel better. I hope the officer recovers from his injuries so we once again can have him out on the streets of Hopkinton, protecting and serving the community

        And that is sincere and apologize for not writing it earlier

        But again, your argument falls through.

        Yes it is hot out there, they have AC
        Yes it is hard to stand for 8 hours on a road, they have a car to sit in

        They communicate with the construction workers on what they are doing next so they can move the crusier to another location, and continue the above there instead.

        The state’s people did try and overturn the need for detail officers but the unions were too strong and the statehouse didn’t have the nuts to go up against them.

        You are completely correct that I don’t know what caused this accident. What I do know is this. If the officer wasn’t there, he wouldn’t have been hurt.

        Sure, it could have happened to a construction worker instead which too would have been regretable, but that is NOT why the officers are there. They are not there to prevent construction workers from getting hurt by construction equipment. They are there to prevent them from getting hurt by other motorists.

        Once again I challenge you to show me just one case of a construction worker or a motorist that was injured as a direct result of a construction site that didn’t have a detail

        I have no problem paying taxes, I will even pay more taxes if need be. But before I do, I want to be assured that instead of a cop being parked for 8 hours at a cone on 93 or in Hopkinton, they park him on Blue Hill in Dorchester and by his mere presence perhaps prevents a drive by shooting

        You give me that commitment and I will not only pay more taxes but I will even volunteer extra money to the PD’s

        Until then, unless you can show me some concrete proof that a officer detail at a construction site saves more than just that weeks paycheck, it is a waste of money and otherwise valuable resources

        Ex. Remember the Big Dig ? I am sure you do. I remember vividly returning from NH to Boston at 3 am on a Tuesday morning. In the span from the Somerville exit to Leverett Circle (3 exits I believe) there were 7, yes SEVEN, state troopers sitting on details. No construction going on and the lane merge started in Stoneham, 8 miles north of where they were.

        That is just one example of what I am talking about. It is old but certainly not outdated. It happens everyday, throughout the state.

  5. Cinque says:

    “A”, you are completely right in your argument. If an officer doesn’t want to “stand for 8 hours on hard top when it’s 85 degrees” then he or she can always say “NO”! I went by a road site today with the entire street blocked off on a main street and there was no detail. They probably couldn’t find an officer or he left but the work went on with no problems. I live in a town with 35,000 and police are making between $100,000 up to $180,000. It’s almost like a game as to who can make the most money in a fiscal year and then we have to hear about the hardships that are faced for doing very little. As I said, one can always say no and settle for the $100,000. Fat chance of that happening.

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