HAMILTON (CBS) – Hamilton is looking at ways to deal with a smelly problem. It’s making it difficult to enjoy one of the town’s parks.

Patton Park has everything: ball fields, basketball courts, a playground, a pond and… lots of geese.

The problem isn’t the geese themselves, but what they leave behind: poop.

“You have the football team out there, starting this week. Essentially, playing, falling, coming home with the geese poop. You have baseball down there, you have other teams down there. It creates a bit of a health hazard,” said John Tomasz, Hamilton’s Public Works Director.

Officials are now looking to have trained collies chase the geese away. But, geese are habitual birds and return to the same places each year.

“I have residents whose dogs are somewhat trained under control to kind of act as the chasers moving forward,” said Tomasz.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

Until this is cleared up, people in Hamilton must tread carefully.


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