With Mazz out of the studio on vacation, Felger was joined by Jermaine Wiggins for Thursday’s “take your dog to work day show,” featuring a special guest appearance by Felger’s lovable golden retriever, Sally Pally Lemon Tally.

After spending a few minutes discussing why Jermaine felt his pit bull should be allowed to make an appearance if Felger’s “homeless” looking dog could grace the studio, the guys then went straight to baseball talk and assessing the current state of the Red Sox, who now sit a half game behind the Yankees in the AL East after dropping two of three to the Tampa Bay Rays. While this is certainly no cause for serious concern, especially given the fact that the Sox still have an 8 game lead in the Wild Card, Mike and Jermaine still wonder how the Sox will respond down the stretch as their lineup continues to be riddled by injuries.

With Kevin Youkilis ailing from a back injury that is eerily similar to the one that shelved Clay Buchholz, Carl Crawford continuing to struggle, and Adrian Gonzalez suffering from a sore neck, who will step up for the Sox as the season comes to a close? Although the team has shown that they have the ability to respond to adversity, especially after rebounding from an abysmal start, Mike and Jermaine wonder if the Sox lack the sense of urgency necessary to close the season strong and win the AL East.

While the Sox will almost surely win the Wild Card, barring some sort of monumental collapse, they don’t seem to be taking winning the division quite as seriously as the New York Yankees. The Sox may own the Yankees in head-to-head play, but their record against Texas doesn’t look quite so good. Given the Sox’ lack of consistency at times, and their inability to win in Texas, how worried should they be about winning the division if it could determine whether or not they play the Rangers in the first round?

How will the end of the season and the playoffs shape up for the Red Sox? Will they persevere and find a way to succeed despite their pitching troubles and injury woes, or will they fall short because they simply don’t have “it” and they lack the intangibles necessary to win a championship?

To find out where Felger and Wiggins stand, tune in now, or give us a call and let us know what you think!


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