BELCHERTOWN (CBS) – Sorry I’m late, the cows stopped my bus.

It really happened to passengers on a UMass Transit Services bus last Friday in Belchertown.

It was delayed about ten minutes by a herd of cows that wandered onto Old Amherst Road.

It seems the cows saw a dog walking by, so they marched towards it.

The dog went away, but the cows ended up stopping in the street.

The bus driver honked her horn a few times and the cows slowly moved back down the street and into the woods.

No one was hurt.

Comments (5)
  1. punny guy says:

    Probably should have told the cows to moooooove…. You see what I did there? And I wonder why I am single and have no friends.

  2. letterer says:

    Well, punny guy, you made me laugh.

  3. Lauren says:

    So this wasn’t MIT’s work?

  4. TPFD says:

    Famed economist predicts economic calamity in 2012. See the evidence.
    All I learned from this is that CBS uses this for revenue?
    Or is it Facebook, the site that sent me here? (FB does suck.)
    I’ll admit it, I am just tired of seeing sensationalism in advertising, and it’s getting worse (obviously).

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    Northborough – New trick allows any Massachusetts resident to get extremely cheap car insurance.

  5. Merle says:

    It’s the confused Wall Street bullmarket retreating from today’s huge onslaught of bears!

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