BOSTON (CBS) – The Registry of Motor Vehicles has suspended the driver’s license of Jeffrey Fisher, the National Grid manager involved in a deadly crash on Route 495 in Southboro last week.

Fisher was driving a company dump truck when a backhoe fell off the truck’s trailer, crushing a woman in the back seat of a minivan Friday afternoon.

There had been safety concerns about the truck and Fisher was in the middle of a test drive when the accident occurred.

Until the accident, Fisher had no major incidents on his driving record, according to the RMV.

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  1. Lori says:

    There is something more here then they are saying in the media. The RMV doesn’t just pull your drivers license for ONE accident ESPECIALLY when there are NO previous incidents. Maybe they pulled his truck drivers license (not sure what a truck drivers license is called, maybe a CDL, not sure.) The article does not elaborate what was pulled; if it was the guys personal drivers license or his truck drivers license or both.
    Praying for the families involved

  2. Paul says:

    The CDL is an extension of a normal class C licence (class c is what most people have a regular car license) When you take the test for CDL and pass, the CDL becomes your new license (class B for truck only and class A for truck and trailer combination). CDL drivers are held to a strict set of laws because the potential for danger is higher due to size and wieght of the vehicle.
    Therefore it is not uncommon for RMV to suspend a CDL following a fatal accident. When they do suspend a CDL you cant drive anything Truck, Car, Moped, nothing.
    My biggest question is why did the tractor leave the trailler. Even if the tractor tipped over on its side it should still have been attached to the trailler with chains
    Its a very sad accident that probably could have been avoided

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