MARTHA’S VINEYARD (CBS) – President Obama will have time to think about his re-election campaign during a 10-day break on Martha’s Vineyard.

On Thursday night, the president is set to arrive on the island, where not everyone thinks it’s the right time for a vacation.

“I think it’s a negative because we can’t golf today and we’re probably not going to get a place in the restaurant,” said Camille, who’s from Texas. She isn’t thrilled about delays and possible closures because of presidential security.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports.

Lee from St. Louis agrees.

“I was actually considering not going because I thought he was going to be here the same time I was here,” said Lee. “I think it’s a premium week for the island and I think there’s a lot of tourists and it’s hurting the people of the island because they have to shut down restaurants and the golf courses so people are losing jobs as a result of his being there.”

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias spoke with shop owners

Both women agree with so much to be done in Washington, now is not the time for a getaway.

“I think he ought to be working on things he promised three and a half years ago. I absolutely agree with that,” said Lee.

For Jacques, however, he and his family are thrilled. The hope they at least get a peek at the First Family.

“I would love to see him when we get out there. I’ve never been there when he’s there. I hear there is a lot of traffic and a lot of congestion, but that’s okay. Just to get a glimpse of him would be okay,” said Jacques.

Other expressed their excitement for the First Family’s arrival.


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