With Massarotti out of the studio for the day on vacation, Felger was joined for Wednesday’s show by Bruins color commentator Bob Beers. In honor of having Beers on the show, the guys continued with the Bruins cooler they started yesterday afternoon, and welcomed keeper of cup Phil Pritchard to the program.

However, before taking Pritchard’s call, Mike and Bob took a few moments to touch on a recent interview with Vancouver goaltender Roberto Luongo in which he expressed regret over some of the critical comments he made before the Canucks squandered their series lead and watched the Stanley Cup slip through their fingers. Although Felger and Beers have both been disgusted with Luongo and his misguided insecurity since the moment he first criticized Tim Thomas, they both find it quite fitting that Luongo is once again reiterating that he doesn’t have the make-up of a winner. Will the Canucks netminder ever live up to the talent everyone knows he has, or will his head continue to stifle his success?

After they had said their piece on Luongo, Mike and Bob then turned to Pritchard to see if there was any interesting stories he could offer about this summer’s Stanley Cup world tour. Unfortunately, Pritchard was characteristically tight lipped, and didn’t give Mike and Bob anything particularly juicy to work with, but he did provide updates on where the cup has been, and where it will be as its tour continues.

The fully engraved cup (interestingly enough, players don’t get to see their names on the cup when they take it home) will make its triumphant return to Boston August 31st, but not before it makes stops everywhere from Western Canada to Burlington, Vermont. Until then, Bruins fans can only wonder what the cup might be doing, as Pritchard’s story of Tuukka Rask’s sauna-based Finnish Cup celebration was one of the few he was willing to share.

The celebratory summer is beginning to come to a close, and hockey will be back in Boston before we know it. With last years championship team predominantly in tact, will the Bruins be able to build on their success and keep their momentum going into next season? There are still questions for the B’s to answer, like who will step up and take Mark Recchi’s spot now that he has retired, but it seems that the Bruins are poised to once again cement hockey at the forefront of the Boston sports landscape.

It may be August, but right now Felger and Beers are all things Bruins. To hear the guys’ thoughts on Bruins hockey and the upcoming NHL season, tune in right now!

  1. peter says:

    where can i see the the Stanley Cup?

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