The guys were watching some videos of a guy freestyling on the computer after the show the other day and came up with a great idea. Which 98.5 The Sports Hub host will be able to serve it up in a rap battle?

Rich beat Wallah in their match. Listen to their battle here. Tony Massarotti beat down Adolfo after yesterday’s battle. You can listen to that battle here. Listen to Felger’s winning rap against Gresh here. Fred was able to best Zolak in their rap battle, listen to it here.

Today’s matchup features James Stewart, producer of Felger & Massarotti, and D.A. Listen to both raps and vote for who you think should move on.

Listen to the whole break.

Listen to the rap by D.A. about James Stewart.

Listen to James Stewart’s rap about D.A.

Comments (6)
  1. Aaron says:

    This Blows. 98.5 Blows. First TuneIn no longer plays the station. Which sucks because TuneIn is the only app that records radio.
    Now Rich, who is the funniest of the crew is out of the Rap Battle. Bleh.
    After Toucher and Rich, the stations roster sucks anyway.

    Going to listen to WEEI on Tune In

  2. BringTheNoise says:

    E-ROCK from Opie and Anthony is much better than both these guys.

    “Opie Anthony Assault On The Media Remix by Erock”

  3. Bubba Bowen says:

    no one listens to opie and anthony.

  4. b man says:

    haha opie and anthony suck dude

  5. laughing out loud at work says:

    WOW i laughed real hard when i saw what stewart looked like. exactly like i expected him to look- except for maybe a gross old pony tail.

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