MASHPEE (CBS) – A young woman from Mashpee was killed a wrong-way crash Monday morning.

Police say 19-year-old Lauren Fulone was heading down Great Neck Road around 7 a.m. when, for some unknown reason, her car drifted over the center line and struck an oncoming SUV.

The SUV driver, Edward Feren of Mashpee, struck a guard-rail while trying to avoid Fulone’s car.

He was taken to a nearby hospital. His condition is not known.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin reports

Comments (11)
  1. alan says:

    Heart breaking, but guess why the car drifted across the center line!

  2. Ann says:

    i hope this not true TEXTING.
    this is so sad for this kid to pass on like this

  3. billbranch says:

    It’s tragic, but we need laws and enforcement to protect these young people from themselves. It’s a $100 dollar fine. No points. The cops don’t waste their time with enforcement.The young people of today consider their handhelds a necessity.

  4. delta says:

    she is my sister, and she will be greatly missed! I don’t know who y’all think Lauren was texting at 7 am, but please don’t be ugly. Respect this terrible tragedy because many of us are suffering greatly. LIOB, Lauren!

  5. MIke says:

    all you people make me absolutely sick. i am her brother, and you know idea what the hell you are talking about. texting was NOT the cause of this accident, as it was 7 am and she was on her way to work and she leaves her cell phone in her purse when she goes to work. our family has been torn apart, our dearest loved one stolen, and you monstrous people can only think about getting your damn point across at the expense of other peoples pain. this is not the proper forum to make your voice on texting and driving heard. have some class. simply say it is a tragedy and wish our family the best, or write nothing at all. your words are hurtful and indignant to her memory. please, put yourselves in our shoes.

    1. Jeanette says:

      I am so sorry for your loss, Mike! It was a horrible thing to lose a loved one that young and in such a horrible manner. I know know because i lost a good friend at the young age of 16 who was hit by an SUV in 2008. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God Bless and stay strong!

  6. Stephanie says:

    mike <3 – ali alex kerri michelle abby joan jackie jessica stepha kylie

  7. Mufasa says:

    Whatever the reason, it is a terrible tragedy and all our best thoughts, wishes, and prayers are with the Fulone family in this difficult time. <3

  8. Erika says:

    This is a tragedy, this is unfair Lauren was a great person and if this was one of you she would not be saying that hurtful things that you are she would say she was sorry for your family’s loss that she was praying for them, and she would really pray for them. She was a beautiful girl and still; is Love you Mike Stay Strong

  9. AfriendfromChurch says:

    Lauren was such a sweet girl and nowadays it seems people like her are very hard to find. She was one of those people who you meet, and may only speak to for a few minutes, but you would never forget how lovely she was. Never judging anyone and treating others as equals. That’s beautiful! She was like a light or happiness when she’d walk in. I remember her family always very kind, and cheery! Such a tragic loss to a wonderful bunch of people. She has impacted so many lives in many ways, and left a stunning impression on us, that she will never be forgotten Let us remember her glowing face, Always smiling, I know that you continue too Lauren Many miss you! <3


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