STOUGHTON (CBS) – A Mississippi man, who grew up in Stoughton, traveled 1400 miles to bring some of his favorite pizza back home.

David Schuler bought 150 frozen vacuum sealed pies from Town Spa Pizza. They cost $1200.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Schuler started making the trek a few years ago when he couldn’t find a good slice in Mississippi.

Schuler also got some cooked pizzas to eat on the 16-state ride home.

  1. Lynne Dion says:

    I can see his delema having to travel so far to get the foods you like. I just took a plane to Pittsfield Massachusetts to purchase 4 lbs of Mother Goose Liverwurst and 3 -5lb bags (240) of the mini TEO hot dogs. That was a 5 hour flight one way.
    We also will get our Kielbasa directly from the factory in Chicopee MA. I always place an order for the Blue Seal Sausage/kielbasa directly from Chicopee Provisions every football season.

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