NATICK (CBS) – Consumers are taking advantage of the tax-free holiday weekend, but they are also being very careful how they spend.

“I am only going to buy what I need not what I wish or what I want because of the economy,” said Dan Ceterone, a contractor who is looking to buy some tools. “My costs have gone up and my income has gone down, so if I can save 6.25 percent,  I am going to do it,” said Ceterone.

Sears in Natick was busy most of the day Sunday, and they even offered extra discounts. The most popular items are appliances and garden supplies.

After one of the most turbulent weeks in stock market history, a tax-free opportunity brought some smiles.

“I think it should be done every year. We need to get the incentive out there for the consumers to go out and spend some money to help this economy,” said Penny Brown of Sherborn.

But, there is no doubt people are watching how they spend, even in this tax-free weekend.

Another interesting trend is that people are trading in their family heirlooms now to get cash back.

“People just don’t have the money. If you don’t have the money, you can’t buy it.” said Mark Rogozinski, who owns Marquis Jewlers in Newton.

He has been in business for 35 years and says this is one of the worst times he’s ever seen in the economy.

“A lot of clients that own gold and need the money are coming in selling to us so that they can survive,” said Rogozinski.

That’s why Ceterone is only buying the tools that he needs.

“Look and see what happened in Washington last week and judge for yourself. People are afraid of what they’re gonna decide to do, and that’s going to affect our wallets,” said Ceterone.

Many stores opened their doors early Sunday morning, extended their hours and also offered special discounts hoping to boost sales.

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  1. emom says:

    OK I love a HUGE BARGAIN, However, a SALE is far better than taking of the sales tax. I personally didn’t see that many “GREAT” bargains.. I don’t know out anyone else, BUT…………… 61/4 cents per dollar, $6.25 on a hundred, $60.25 on a thousand, $125.00 on 2k, & $156.25 on $25k… Well if anyone loves to save money, sales two weeks ago typically had that as savings and many more were much higher,,, A laptop I am looking for was on sale for over $200 less, this week , only $50, hardly a deal at all… so I will wait till November when the deals will be far better and the deals bigger… Don’t get me wrong every little bit helps,,, But on a big ticket item it hardly seemed worth it to me, yet I am sure people spent money the same…. But I have talked to many and they agree, the savings where poor.

    1. Willow says:

      emom, you’re correct. People could get a better deal if they wait for some of the sales the stores offer. In just a few weeks the retailers will be offering Labor Day sales that will be far more money off then the no sales tax weekend. Yes, every bit helps, but do people really think they’re saving that much instead of waiting for a good sale? Hope you’ll soon be able to get the laptop you’re hoping for.

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