After facing off in a rap battle with Felger this morning, Gresh and Zo break down the songs. Who has the edge? And was it a fair fight?

With almost positive reaction for both sides of the rap battle between Gresh and Felger, the boys replay both songs and get reaction from the listeners. Was Felger’s song too long? Will Gresh pull out a win? The boys discussed.

Comments (2)
  1. matt says:

    Gresh the message boards speak volumes, you are the most hated guy on the station. You might be a nice person, but you are useless as a radio or tv personality. Zo is great, he needs a new partner………

  2. Jim Wong says:

    Andy you won this one. I liked both, but if Felgie cheated and had contributions from other people, he doesn’t deserve advance to the final.

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