BOSTON (CBS) – Here are some Patriots players unlikely to play in New England’s preseason opener against the Jaguars.

– Albert Haynesworth is not playing.  He hasn’t been on the practice field since last Thursday.  I don’t expect him to see any action and would be surprised if he was on the sidelines.

– Shaun Ellis, Kevin Faulk and Matt Light are all on the active PUP list.  The three of them have been working real hard but none of them have made it to the practice field.  I think they will help the Pats sooner rather than later, but playing tonight is a no-go.

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– Mike Wright and Brandon Spikes have also been missing from practice.  The Belichick rule of “no practice, no play” should still be in effect.  I don’t expect either of those guys to see any action.

– Brandon Tate has been out of practice and he needs to get on the field.  Taylor Price has been taking his place in camp and has been doing a good job.  Tate may need to fix whatever is ailing him fast. If not, he could be gone.  Not playing against the Jags is going to hurt him.

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– Boston College standout and second round pick Ron Brace is starting another disappointing season.  He is again the PUP list and not ready to play.  Not sure at this point if the Pats have just given up on him.  He has not given them any reason to think he can play.


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