BOSTON (CBS) – The Patriots first preseason game is here, and there is speculation on who will play and how long.  Here are some things to look for.

– Stevan Ridley is a name that should emerge during these preseason affairs.  The rookie running back out of LSU has been solid in camp and will get some run against the Jaguars. He has lateral quickness and is tough between the tackles.  The 3rd round pick is looking to become a go-to-guy on this roster.

– Tom Brady is not going to take all the snaps so pay attention to the back-ups.

Brian Hoyer has gotten better every year.  He’s said many times in camp that he’s learning from the best in the game.  It would be nice to see Hoyer give the fans a vote of confidence as a backup.

Now when Ryan Mallet hits the field, he will be an interesting watch. The Pats have basically tried to rebuild his game from the ground up.  They have worked on his footwork in camp and throwing motion. Remember, there has not been a preseason, so he is still very far off.

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– The best players in camp have been Patrick Chung, Ridley, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez and Devin McCourty.  It would be nice to see them transfer what they have been doing on the practice fields and go a step further in the games.

– Chad Ochocinco needs to catch the ball.  He has gotten better the last couple of days in camp.  This is primetime now, and it will be interesting to see his approach.  This place will erupt if he gets a touchdown.  Everyone will wonder if he’s going to do a celebration dance.

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– Who is going to standout amongst the “scrubs?”  There is always someone who emerges in garbage time that becomes a fan favorite.  Who will that be?  My vote is for Jeremy Ross, the rookie wide receiver out of California.  He has size and hands and more importantly, no pressure is on him.


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