Report: Small Fire At Obama’s Vineyard Vacation Home

BOSTON (CBS) – There was a small fire early Tuesday morning at the farm where President Obama and his family are expected to spend their vacation later this month.

According to the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette, a fire broke out in a wall of the main house at Blue Heron Farm in Chilmark around 3:30 a.m.

“Very small, very contained, extinguished quickly,” Chilmark fire chief David Norton told the paper.

A gas grill on a nearby porch appeared to be the source of the fire.

There were tenants in the house at the time of the fire, however they evacuated quickly and no one was hurt.

The realtor told the Gazette the damage will be repaired in about a day.

The Obamas are expected between August 17 and August 28.

It would be their third trip to the Vineyard since Mister Obama became president.

  • NickW

    I am surprised GWB wasn’t being blamed for this.

    • jorionwood

      Because we all know that it was the Tea Party.

    • Jason Story

      That is probably the part of the house where the Obama’s keep their original birth certificates and Connecticut social security cards.

      • NowListenUp


    • Bob Carson

      What do you mean? Of course, Bush did it.

    • Chippy55


    • Sherrimae

      I would point out that the Obummers take many vacations every year while most Americans can’t even afford one vacation. My family hasn’t been able to afford a vacation in over 6 years. And of course the freeloading Obummers are going to stick the US taxpayers with the bill. That is the 53% of us who still work and pay taxes.

  • Joan Hogan

    This Fire Obviously Did not start on its own . I hope A full Investigation Is done.
    This Concerns me very much so.

    • sshine

      OMG… get a life!1

  • emom

    HHHMMMMM a BBQ grill ,,, why are they ever so close to a house wall anyway…. Wait why would anyone start it up that time of the morning ,,,, unlesss was someone hungry and why,,, 3:30 in the morning… interesting But yet it will be repaired in a day… and ahhhh will the insurance cover it or not….. Just saying.

  • Hil


    • Kevin

      We need to make his vacation permanent. If Eunuch of the House Boehner doesn’t have the guts to impeach this crook, we need to remove him from office ourselves.

      • Keith Gross-Hill

        What are you even talking about? Impeach him on the grounds of what? Make his Vacation permanent?..Do you know what you sound like, maniac?

        Calm down, and do Your job. You’re nowhere near qualified to be talking about impeaching anyone.

      • PSA From The Usurper and Hamburgler

    • GMScott

      Uh, a more proper vacation site would be Gitmo!

      • dwhite

        That would lower the overall sum of the moral character of Gitmo.

      • HooDatIS?

        you should go to gitmo u loser

    • Mary S

      Have you so quickly forgotten that GWBush took MONTH-LONG vacations as ‘the ranch’ in TX EVERY August????While this President may opt for swimming rather than brush-clearing in Bush’s innimitable manly denim shirt(s), he and all others need vacations. If GWB didn’t have security today, who would look after his (and his father’s) every need, forever?

      • Bridget

        Obama has the record for the most golf in 3 years -90 rounds – as well as the most vacations on the taxpayers dime (16) – the latest Hawaii cost us 16 million – Bush owned his own ranch and spent his own money. Vote out the dictator Obama in 2012


    The fire was started before he came to the house, by another president. He has been trying to put out the fire for two and a half years. The only way to put out the fire is to manufacture more fire extinguishers. Then we need to tax the fire extinguisher companies because they made too big of a profit from the sale of fire extinguishers. If that deosnt work, we can form a government committy to look into how the fire was originally started and study this at a cost of 8 billion dollars. And if it isnt out by 2012, re-elect the current president so he can work on putting out the fire for another four years.

    • Ox

      “we can form a government committy”?????? What is a government committy? Reason literacy tests should be conducted to get a voter registration card.

      • dahippy

        Would you care to diagram your last sentence?

      • Robert

        No doubt and a requirement that you must net pay in to the government to get a vote, that way we would NEVER have another liberal elected.

      • DUHHH

        u prawbublee voated fur em di nt u ox.
        “Reason literacy tests should be conducted to get a voter registration card”???

        Ox, before you knock my spelling, which could have been an accidental bump of the key board, go back to school for your grammar.

      • no longer confused

        Then 90% of Obama supporters wouldn’t qualify to vote…oh, wait..never mind. LITERACY TESTS FOR VOTER CARDS!

      • Lance

        Obama would waive any literacy tests once the results indicated failure. I had to dumb myself down to read your last sentence but I think I was able to pry out some meaning.

    • Fed Up

      I don’t know if you are serious or not . If you are your an idiot. If you aren’t your funny.

      • DUHHH

        No, I am not serious. It does sound like something these fools would do though.

      • no longer confused

        It’s “if you are, you’re an idiot. If you aren’t, you”re funny.” illiterate idiot

    • Jmac5280

      yeah it’s true….. you are a moron. Duhhh.

    • Jmac5280

      Obama spends 5 billion dollars a day with no results and somehow it is Bush’s fault? Will the complete and utter stupidity of the left never cease? I know that asking that question is a form of stupidity all its own.

  • Polaris64

    This President takes more vacations and plays golf more then any President in history. Every time he does this it costs tax-payers many millions of dollars. This is especially troubling since (1) the country is broke and (2) most Americans can’t afford a vacation because of the destruction this President has done to the private sector while fostering a huge growth of government.

    • patricia

      What do you expect from a President that came from Chicago, his wife is on a vacation now paid for by taxpayers, will someone tell me why we have to support that pig as well as her large family???????

  • JT

    Trying to collect on insurance.

  • Venusflagstaff

    I. Do. Not. Care. Go back to Chicago you lazy twit.

  • bob litfin

    Was Ted Kennedy driving the car????

    • Ken William

      LMAO . . . I Like !

  • Derrick

    How appropriate. America is burning under the Obama regime, too.

    • Bulldog22

      I wonder if he packed his fiddle???????

      • MJS

        Sorry but Rome burned around 64 AD. The fiddle, aka violin, wasn’t invented yet. The closest you can get is around the 9th century. Sorry for the history lesson.

      • SilaSez

        “fiddle” originally meant either to avoid one’s responsibilities, or to commit fraud. You are exactly on point Bulldog….Obama is the consummate “fiddle” player..

  • DavosSherman

    If it happened while he was there we can be certain he and his staff would NOT be capable of putting it out.

    Obama is a moron, and I thought W was stupid!

  • dudefromdixie

    hope for a latent restart

  • Frank

    Obama plays while we pay.

    At least “Peanuts” Carter isn’t saddled with “The WORST” title anymore….

  • Waiting for 2012

    If he’s not on vacation, hes at a fundraiser. Meanwhile, the country is going down the tubes. I want to know what happened to the 800B stimulus that was rammed downed our throats (along with Obamacare) that was going to create jobs and get this country back on its feet. He’s got to be the worst president since Carter, and that’s saying a lot after Bush Jr.

  • Mare

    A VACATION FROM WHAT?????????????????oh from his last Vacation, he laughs at us were his JOKE Dumb Americans, Tell me, tell me what does he do but swing his head back and forth on the prompter that some dope wrote for him, can ya guess Im upset, can ya hear me nowAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



  • Betty Barclay

    It’s Bush’s fault.

  • terry

    There’s the lamestream media’s lead story for tonight. They can use this to help take attention off the boss’s lack of leadership and bumbling.

    • Keith Gross-Hill

      Stop repeating that, dimwit. Im pretty sure leading 2 seperate sides under one adminstration for at least 3 seperate issues is more leadership than you’ve done all day. Shut up?

      • Bulldog22

        Do you really believe that he has lead anyone since he was placed in office? All he has done is read a tele-prompter. He was a nobody before he was placed in office and he still is a nobody. He is a joke. How can America be so asleep to think that obama has America’s best interests in mind. He is trying to bring us down. No one could be so stupid to think that what he is doing could possibly be good for this country. It is all a plan to change this country into a socialist state or worse.

      • SilaSez

        …and what part of the White House do you live in? Comon, admit it, this is really Michelle, right?….you’re as much a fraud as your husband is…

  • kornfed

    Hmmm…krakpipe by kraked-tsar of czars…

  • lukuj

    obviously we need a committee to study fires and BBQs. We should also pass a law banning all BBQS within 1000 feet of a structure. Also, all BBQ should be redistributed so that those who don’t have a BBQ can get their fair share. It was the Tea Party’s fault that there was a fire. They heated things up for the pres too much.

    • RB

      We just need to watch out for racist BBQ grills like this one.

      • Opining from Flyover Country

        Don’t forget additional funding for the production of non-flammable gas and heat resistant charcoal, guidelines regulating the safest time of day for the operation of BBQ grills, a list of approved (healthy) foods which they can be used to prepare, and a BBQ grill czar to oversee the new regulation.

  • Rose

    Didn’t they close the beaches last year because of bacteria in the water at this compound? I swear this Prez is snakebit——and so is the USA because of him.

  • JBTop

    Maybe he can take Auntie Z back home with him-

  • scottksmith

    Yep ! Involving white sheets and way cool type hats ! :)

  • pornhusker

    Hmmm…do you not mean, crack pipe commanded by cracked comrad en jefe…el rey del czaristas…

  • pat g

    on vaca …mmmmm my family hasn’t seen a vaca since this moron took office ..”..Change ?” oh yeah we got that …i got about 25 cents from the dollar …big deal ..Obama go back to your momma

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