FOXBORO (CBS) – Chad Ochocinco has found a home in New England, even calling it “heaven.” Now he just needs to find a place to stay.

Does anyone have a spare bedroom for the Patriots newest receiver?

“I’m going to do something different; I’m actually going to stay with a fan, probably the first two or three weeks of the season,” said Ochocinco after practice on Tuesday. “So that should be fun until I get myself acclimated, I learn my way around and actually just find a place.”

While he said he was not sure how many Boston fans he has, there are a couple guidelines to who Ocho will move in with.

“I’m not sure how it’s going to work. They have to have internet and they have to have Xbox and that’s about it,” he said.

Once he gets accustomed to the area, Ocho said he would move on to his own place. But with Boston area traffic a little different from Cincinnati, it may take awhile.

“I haven’t used a GPS purposely – the way I learn a new city is by traveling out, adventuring out [and] getting lost on purpose,” he said. “This past weekend, I was a little frustrated because I was lost for about an hour, an hour and thirty minutes, and I couldn’t get where I needed to. And that’s it; Boston, or actually Heaven, has been good.”

“People have been fun,” he said. “A lot of people are not too fond of the Prius that I drive, which I find hard to believe. I’m not sure what that’s all about. Other than that, the people have been great. I got to meet a couple of fans at the Red Sox game, I wasn’t able to please everybody because I would have to talk to the entire stadium, but it was cool.”

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  1. Casey R says:

    I’ll let Ochocinco stay at my house! It’ll be like a Slumber Party every night!

  2. C.M says:

    I’m a a woman that lives in a town @ 11 miles away all back roads to the stadium. I live in a exsiting neighborhood that is quiet and all keep to themselves. I built a 3,200 sq Ft finished wit man town that is almost complete would be @ 7,000 Sq Feet.. This home was custom built home about 9 years. I have a kitchen Emeril would cook in. I take great pride in my home. It is also surrounded by 125 acres of Town land that has trails. This is the home of Stonehill College and David Ortiz and Mike V. lived in this town. You would have your own quarters we wouldn’t even know each other was here unless you allowed me to cook for you.. I have to commend you are your outgoing personality and giving us the chance of fans to one even being selected to be your room mate. I think you would be very happy here. I would be honored to have you.. Your room would be the size of some studios. Huge Master bedroom, Along with a jacuzzi to soak after those long hard practices. I have had many years of my health issues and can relate with the Kraft family at this time. and you may be what the Dr ordered. Not to mention the home was selected one year for the Christmas Tour. I go away on the weekends to NY in the Mts again where life is good and it;s just relaxing. don’t let the Mets, or Jets thing change your decision. They are everyday people and that if we went to grab something to eat. Who knows my home may be for you…. With all sincerity I would love to have you.. But, on another note welcome to New England the home of the Patriots. I wish you a great season…. I have pictures I can send you would have your own enterance I have three staircase.The backyard that wouldn’t make it seem you where in Mass.

  3. US Navy Chick says:

    I am in the United States navy and love the New England Patriots. I grew up in Needham Mass which is 20 minutes outside the city in the suburbs! I would love for Ochocinco to come live with me! It would be also great to see him stay with a military member! I have been a big fan of football and of the Patriots ever since I was a kid. It would be amazing for Ochocinco to come stay with me.

  4. Andrea says:

    I am a mother of 2 bi-racial children.I work hard everyday to teach my boys core values and general respect for all they encounter/ I do not live off of our government but live very simply with what I earn. My donor does not help in any way.I heard about you through a coworker whom suggested I write.I live in a simple 3 bdrm apartment a few miles north of Boston.I am a great cook and keep a very clean home.I have spent years going to football,baseball,and basketball practices.Even had the opportunity to attend 2 popwarner championships in Disney world a few years back.My sons are superb athletes and excellent students.My 16 yr old attends the local high school and is on the varsity football team(which won state championship at Gillette last fall).Again I work hard to give my kids all they deserve.What they lack is a positive ale role model.Thier dad is African American and does not take an active role in my sons lives nor does his family.I am submitting this letter merely for an opportunity for my children to meet and get to know a young African American man who is strong in his beliefs and a positive role model and influence.A person who can hopefully have a positive impact on thier future.I would love to get an opportunity for my boys to meet and get to know you Please consider our home ..

  5. Paige Miranda says:

    i work my butt off for my little apatment, i am 20 years old doing everything on my own, all i do is work and sleep. i dont have a huge house for ocho to stay in but i have an apartment i call home and its peaceful here. it would be awesome to have a man around the house for a little while too ;) please consider making a 20 year old average girls apartment your place to stay for the time being i am a huge fan and i need some excitement and motivation to keep going in this hectic life. i am also a huge fan of the patriots and have been to several training camp practices and watching u guys practice made me quit cigarettes today is my 15th day of not smoking!!! so your welcome here ocho!!!! :)

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