Keller @ Large: ‘Leaders’ Should Be Ashamed

BOSTON (CBS) – I wonder how the first few days of vacation went for members of Congress, back home after their latest demonstration of grotesque incompetence?

One can only hope they are getting an earful that reflects the all-time low approval ratings for Congress in the latest polls, in the wake of a performance in the debt-ceiling debate that led to a downgrading of our credit rating and helped fuel yesterday’s historic market crash.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

I spent part of my shift last night reviewing remarks by “leaders” of both parties about the situation, and I must say, even by their traditionally low standards, they were pitiful.

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On the Sunday talk shows, the likes of John Kerry, Obama campaign guru David Axelrod, and Howard Dean (side question – who cares what Howard Dean thinks about anything?) were all parroting the same talking point – the S & P downgrade of our credit was the fault of the handful of Tea Party Republicans who threatened to vote against raising the debt ceiling if they didn’t see serious budget cuts.

How foolish, in light of the fact that most of the mushrooming debt S & P cited in their action, was accrued before any of the Tea Partiers were even elected.

Blaming them for our debt crisis – which is what prompted most of them to run in the first place – is every bit as ridiculous as blaming President Obama for the runaway spending and greed-crazed financial train wreck he inherited.

And I see zero high ground here for Republicans who keep repeating their pet talking point about higher taxes being a “jobs killer” when we have seen repeatedly in the past that careful changes in the tax code can help solve fiscal problems that are even worse job killers than the taxes themselves.

And a final raspberry for the president, who gave yet another lame address about the need for common sense and compromise, but offered neither in the mad rush for health-care reform that helped mobilize his opposition and cripple his political clout.

One word comes to mind as I watch these inept egomaniacs drive us off the road: help!

Enjoy your vacations, incumbents.

If there’s any justice, you’ll be starting a long one come November of next year.

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