Keller @ Large: Anger In Congress Reaches New Heights

MILTON (CBS) – Congressman Steve Lynch of South Boston knows the old maxim: everyone hates Congress in general, but loves their own representative.

But the CNN poll in the wake of the debt-ceiling debacle finds that for the first time in decades, less than half the voters say their own Congressman deserves reelection. Among crucial independents, only one third are satisfied.

“It’s been warranted some times, that low rating,” says Rep. Lynch. “Other times I think people don’t understand how complex it is, to get 218 votes down in Congress.”

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller Is At Large

Maybe so, but after watching this bi-partisan descent into record debt voters in East Milton Square seem clear on one thing — they feel fleeced by Washington, and they don’t like it.

“Cut the bull and get down to business,” said one man getting his haircut.

A woman said she thought they were being “selfish” for their own careers.

And you wonder, how much progress will the vaunted super-committee make when Nancy Pelosi, who will appoint three of the 12 members, is claiming the Republicans don’t really want deficit reduction, but only to as she says, “destroy the public space that is Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.”

That light at the end of the tunnel seems awful far away.

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