BOSTON (CBS) – As thousands of Verizon landline workers took to the picket lines, the company was also dealing with at least 12 acts of sabotage. The incidents have affected phone, Internet and TV service in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

In Tewksbury, the company says there were two separate incidents of fiber-optic lines intentionally being cut.

“These acts of sabotage are reprehensible,” said Verizon Chief Security Officer Mike Mason. “In addition to inconveniencing our customers, these deliberate disruptions of our network have affected hospitals, paramedics, fire fighters, law enforcement and other first responders.

According to the Associated Press, Candice Johnson of the Communication Workers of America says alleging sabotage is a management tactic.

The workers contract expired Saturday without a new deal in place, so 45,000 members of the Communications Workers of America went on strike in several states.

  1. D Caf says:

    Typical union thugs! FIRE THEM! I wouldn’t want these types to have access to my home!

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