LITTLETON (CBS) – A 10-year-old girl has died following a tragic accident at her home in Littleton Monday. She was run over by her own mother.

Police say Bridget Culhane was lying in her driveway off Matawanakee Trail just before 6 p.m. playing with a pet bird.

Her mother pulled into the driveway in her Honda CRV, didn’t see Bridget and drove right over her. A tire caught her almost from head to toe.

The woman knew she had run over something but didn’t know what until she got out of her SUV.

Police say Bridget got up, cried out that she had been run over, staggered around and then collapsed.

She was airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Boston, where she later died.

Police have discussed the case with the district attorney’s office and they doubt there will be any criminal charges.

The couple has one other child.

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  1. Sheila says:

    prayers and positive thoughts to the precious girl – and mom. I can’t imagine the pain both are going through right now.

  2. Jan says:

    This tragedy is a parents worst nightmare. Please pray they pull through this nightmare. All my thoughts & prayers.

  3. donny says:

    As a fellow parent this is simply unimaginable… My heart goes out to this family and this Mom. A momentary mistake/distraction creates a lifetime of misery… No punishment would be worse than living with this knowledge… Simply awful and infinitely sad…

    As a fellow driver I’m reminded I have to always pay attention. We all must learn from this awful tragedy…

    1. Lori says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

  4. Lynn says:

    how in the world can you be so insensitive and assume the mother was doing this or that. God be with you if this ever happens to you. The mother and child need prayers not blame.

    1. Rick Evans says:

      It’s a terrible tragedy and 2 Cents’s comment is insensitive. However, More often than not I see women pulling into driveways, backing out of parking spaces or driving in shopping mall parking areas while on cell phones. As soon as I saw the story I had the same thought as 2 cents.

    2. 2 cents says:

      I am not being insensitive or assuming just asking questions out loud.. I have children of my own and would be beside myself if this happened. My prayers do go out to them. I just think that is should be a wake up call to parents. You don’t think the cops thought of this?? God forbid someone asks questions. HERE IS ANOTHER QUESTION??? WHO WAS LOOKING OUT FOR THIS CHILD AT HOME? I HOPE DSS GETS INVOLVED TO SCARE OTHER PARENTS THAT YOU NEED TO HAVE SUPERVISION OF YOUR YOUNG CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES. Was anyone babysitting her and didn’t know that the young girl was IN the driveway?? Why didn’t anyone yell ” GET OUT OF THE WAY YOUR MOTHER IS HOME” Just looking out for the child. She is the innocent victim. Her mother is a victim of a horrible accident that could have been prevented that’s all.

  5. Be nice says:

    In reply to Rick Evans: You only see women doing those things while on cell phones? What a truly ignorant comment…not as ignorant as 2 Cents’ which is heartless and judgmental, but nonetheless ridiculous. This was a tragic accident, a complete nightmare for this family…people should join together and empathize in times like this, not judge and criticize. My heart goes out to this family.

    1. Rick says:

      “You only see women doing those things while on cell phones?”

      Mostly women in mall parking lots. One almost hit a guy in a wheelchair in Walmart Avon until I shouted at her. A week ago a mother almost hit me while making an illegal U-Turn while looking back at her toddler and trying to hold her phone.

      ” What a truly ignorant comment…”

      Ignorance born of many examples of personal observations. Maybe you should remove your head from the dark tunnel and do some observing yourself.

      1. al4624 says:

        i have seen plenty of guys on their cells too you ass…

  6. Kia says:

    My heart goes out to this mother and her entire family. I cant even begin to imagine the amout of pain they must be experiencing due to this tragic accident! I do not know you but will continue to think about her and her entire family in this time of mourning!

  7. NickW says:

    This is aweful. My prayers go out to the family. RIP

  8. Denise says:

    The worst part is that it’s considered “news worthy” – the poor mother should be watched for a very long time – the guilt she must be feeling even though it’s an accident must be unbelieveable! Then the fact that it makes the news and is mentioned more than once… My thoughts and prayers are with this family and community at this time!

  9. Lori says:

    Have YOU seen their driveway? Do you know how it is set up? I certainly do not. I know from indirect personal experience (this happened to family friend YEARS ago) that things like this can (and obviously DO) happen. This woman has to live the rest of her life with the knowledge of what she did, even though it was an accident she will need therapy probably for the rest of her life to forgive herself. This family has lost a child. Their surviving child lost a sibling. How CAN you be so heartless. Shame on you!!!

    1. Think about it says:

      Lets get real here ok. I have seen the driveway, here is the link

      also at 5:55PM in daylight and she ran over her in that small driveway which seems like you should pay attention anyways because its narrow. Something doesn’t add up. she ran over her going forward not reverse which makes it even more sketchy.

      Like rick and 2 cents said im willing to bet that she was on the phone or texting. It is a tragic accident but its even more a shame that she is not being investigated for possibly Lying about it. This girls life was cut short but if she was texting that is against the law in this state and action should be taken to prevent further accidents like this in the future.

  10. Lori says:

    Your family is in my thoughts & prayers!

  11. Bonnie Murphy says:

    That poor women…OMG!!!

  12. Cool Heads Prevail says:

    First off, as a father I can sympathize with what the family has been through. I cannot imagine what it might feel like and most of you commenting can’t wither. However, I know the neighborhood and it is not such a blind that one could not see a child lying on the ground. Could it have been a text? Sure. it could have been a neighbor yelling hi, who knows. I think a thorough investigation needs to be conducted and, unfortunately as is usually the case with small town police departments this probably won’t be. The powers that be will say, “she’s been through enough, blah blah” but in reality, a person was killed. That is either homicide, manslaughter or nothing and needs to be investigated to see which one it is. Feel sympathy for the little girl and her family, but don’t let it cloud your judgement. And, as a guy who puts 60K plus miles a year on his vehicle, I see idiots of both sexes texting and talking all day long.

    1. Miss you Bridget says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about. This is published all wrong. Bridget ran out in front of the car to save her pet bird and she hit her head and died of cardiac arrest. You should be ashamed to have even written that. Barbara is grieving for the loss of a child she would have done ANYTHING for. I have been over their house an uncountable amount of times and I know exactly how tough it is to see out of their driveway especially when there are 2 other cars there…Which there were at the time of the accident. I know the family well and it is such a tragic accident. The mother cared more about the daughters than her own life and she did anything and everything for them. Her driveway (if you have ever been in it like I have) is very hard to see out of and there were 2 other vehicles in the driveway.

      You do NOT know if she was on her cell phone and this is not the place to be having a discussion about it. What happened was a terrible accident and its something all of us are still trying to wrap our heads around. I still see her as a beautiful little girl who cared about everyone and she was one of the mot loving people I have even known. So please have some respect and stop assuming that the mother was on the cellphone or texting. You were not there.

      But what do I know I’m only 19….

      1. Cooler heads says:

        Yeah what do you know….not how to read….I never said she was on the phone. She hit her head and died of cardiac arrest? You need medical training. But what do I know, I’m just shy of 50 and been an EMT for 30 years.

      2. Be Kind Be Good says:

        Cooler Heads you are an incentive loser. Prayers and thoughts to the family.

      3. Diana says:

        You’re only 19 … and it shows. You have a lot to learn about life.

  13. gigi says:

    The little girl got up crying and ran towards her mother before collapsing, what a haunting vision the mother will have to live with, having your child dies in your arms of your own accord. I hope the child rests in peace and some day the mother finds peace for this truly aweful accident. I wil leave it at that.

  14. motherof2 says:

    Rest in peace, little one.

  15. stacey says:

    Prayers for sweet sweet Bridgette and the Culhane family.She was a lively, loving giving little girl with a heart of gold and daily hugs for her favorite teachers. Fly to the angels, lovebug…I cannot wait till I see you again….

  16. Friend of the Family says:

    Oh my God! You incentive bunch of people. (2 cents, Rick Evans, Think about it and GH) This family is going through something that I hope none of you ever have to go through. Something unimaginable. And you are all on here making accusations that this woman was texting or on the phone. As a friend of the family and a member of the Littleton community I take offense to your accusations and your inability to be sensitive to a family that is in shock! This mother has to live every day with this. That is punishment enough (cool heads prevail). Do you think taking her away from her other child would be a good punishment. I am disgusted….I guess your mothers never taught you to keep your mouths shut if you have nothing nice to say…..

    1. Cooler heads says:

      What she has to deal with is punishment enough??? Please…do you hear yourself? What about all the people killed by drunk drivers every year? Those drivers have to live with that, so I guess they shouldn’t be punished either. I never said anyone did anything wrong, albeit maybe the PD if they don’t do some serious investigating.

      1. Friend of Family says:

        I will not use this forum as a place to argue. Just know I am praying that you are never in this situation.

  17. Jen says:

    Ignorance is a crime also. The “story” as published in the article above is not a true account of what actually happened. The child dashed in front of the car in a crouched position chasing her pet bird. You and all your negative judgemental peers should keep your thoughts to yourselves. I only hope an unspeakable tradgedy never happens to you or someone in your family. In the meantime try to keep your negativilty based upon media spin to yourself.

  18. Jen says:

    Cool Heads Prevail- Ignorance is a crime also. The “story” as published in the article above is not a true account of what actually happened. The child dashed in front of the car in a crouched position chasing her pet bird. You and all your negative judgemental peers should keep your thoughts to yourselves. I only hope an unspeakable tradgedy never happens to you or someone in your family. In the meantime try to keep your negativilty based upon media spin to yourself.

  19. Melanie says:

    She was a ten year old little girl, the fact that you can say that someone should have been watching her at all times is crazy. You say you have kids? You have never let your kids play outside without watching their every move? This is a terrible tragedy and, as their family member, I know that every single person both our family and friends are fighting hard to deal with all of this. You have zero right to excuse her mother of such things, you have no idea what she is going through. Unless, you know the real story which you don’t because you are strictly making assumptions through media sources, so you should probably keep your comments to yourself. It is a hard enough time without people pointing fingers. Blaming anyone isn’t going to bring Bridget back, so all we can do now is help her mother get through this. People make mistakes, and I’m positive that we all will never forget this one that turned our world upside down.

  20. Jennifer says:

    A whole bunch of you people should have your computers taken away. Why on earth would you comment on this tragic story anything other than “I’m sorry for your loss.” Get over yourselves and realize that these stories are about REAL people.

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  21. PM says:

    I feel like crying everytime I think of this horrific tragedy, I have a 10 year old daughter and can’t imagine the anguish this family feels. My prayers went out for this family as soon as I heard the news. I gave my own daughter a hug as soon as I got home from work.

  22. alice says:

    My hearts go out to the poor mother and the family. God bless them!

    I hope no parent has to go through tragic moments like this.

  23. donny says:

    We ARE a society that simply doesn’t accept that random, tragic accidents do happen.

    We are obsessed with finding fault.

    I don’t get it.

    My deepest condolences go out to this family. As tears well up in my eyes just thinking of the inescapable pain they must be feeling… I hope they find some peace some day… and I hope we can become a more compassionate society.

    1. Friend of Family says:

      Well said.

  24. KPK65261 says:

    Some people are so ignorant, and shouldn’t speak until they actually know the facts. The mom was not distracted or “chatting on her cell phone”. It was a tragic converegence of a child playing with her pet bird where there was an obstructed view, and a GOOD vigilant parent who had no way to stop the events that unfolded. I have kids, and a 10 year old at that. I can’t keep them in my direct line of sight every single moment; if the parents on here say they can, I’d love to see some proof. There is no way you know what this family is going through, so stop “guessing” about the mom and what she was doing at the time. At least a couple of us on here have first hand knowledge of this tragedy, so unless you do, please stop with the negative, horrible comments. This should be about condolences, that’s it.

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