HAVERHILL (CBS) – Haverhill police are cracking down on drivers, who head to New Hampshire, to avoid paying the sales tax on their cars.

City Councilor Robert Scatamacchia says it’s a big problem along the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border, because the Granite State does not have a sales tax, and the savings aren’t exactly chump change.

Since January, police have issued 140 citations to city residents illegally registering their cars out of state.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin reports

Scatamacchia says 45 people have requested court hearings.

Any down time that Haverhill police have while on duty, they’re going after these out of state plates.

Scatamacchia says it’s not costing the city a dime.

  1. Alan Parks says:

    Maybe if Mass stopped taxing everything, people would not be likely to do this. Let’s see what we pay.
    Sales Tax
    State Income Tax
    Gas Tax
    Excise Tax
    Property Tax
    Personal Property Tax for business assets that we already paid sales tax on and they keep taxing you on it every year.
    Meals Tax
    Bottle Bill Tax. YES IT IS A TAX.

    More power to anyone who can beat the system. I wonder how many lawmakers have vacation homes in NH and have cars registered there? Probably a few, and when they get caught if they ever do, they will claim it was an over sight.

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