Right now, the produce section of your local supermarket is bound to be packed with some tempting treats.

Our Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo has some tips on how to spot the best buys.

Yellow sugar plums used to be only available at specialty grocers but are now available in more mainstream markets.

Not surprisingly, these fruits are loaded with sugar and have a very sweet taste.  The average price for a pound of sugar plums is $1.99.

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It’s also a perfect time to buy California peaches, specifically a variety known as “Oh Henry” peaches.

They’re full of juice and flavor, and are available for an average price of $1.49 a pound.

The window of peak freshness for these peaches is very short, only about three to four weeks, so don’t wait to pick some up.

Finally, Portobello mushrooms are a great summer vegetable to throw on the grill for two or three minutes a side with just a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.

The average price for a pound is $2.99.

You can watch Tony weekdays at noon on WBZ-TV.


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