FALMOUTH (CBS) – A multi-million dollar 100-foot yacht ran into some major trouble Friday off the Cape.

Police say the boat “Cocktails” crashed into some rocks near Nobska Beach in Falmouth.  The rocks managed to rip a 20-by-4-foot hole in the hull.  The captain grounded the yacht to keep it from sinking.

Several Coast Guard and private towing vessels managed to pump out the water that gushed into the boat.

A private salvage company was towing the luxury yacht to Fairhaven where it was going to be repaired.

According to the boat’s website, it rents for more than $42,000 a week. The website says the yacht “features a dedicated crew of four headed by Captain Todd Likins, she is an excellent charter yacht for luxury vacations.”

No word on how long the ship will be out of service for.


Comments (11)
  1. Have another one on me says:

    Was the bar open?

  2. Brian Covert Cavanaugh says:

    its new name The Sand Bar

  3. Liz says:

    Some people name their boats after how they got their boat, or after a loved one… seems as though this person named it after what they like to drink as they drive the yacht.

  4. Diogenes says:

    Too bad it wasn’t John Kerry’s ‘Isabel’ – maybe it would be stuck there long enough for Lurch to pay the sales and excise taxes on it.

  5. Mountainlassy85 says:

    Kerry actually did end up paying the taxes to Mass. for his yacht. Get your facts straight! I am sorry for the crew, but the captain did the right thing and saved the yacht!

    1. Diogenes says:

      Yep, King John paid them all right – but only after his little tax swindle was exposed in the press and and an irate public started raising hell about it. You do remember that, right?

    2. Ed Dracut says:

      AND the boat was not made in the US.

  6. Thomas Hood says:

    @Mountainlassy85, Yes he did indeed do the right thing. After he did the wrong thing by hitting a shoal to begin with. “Charts? Schmarta! I know these waters like the back of my… Oops!”

    Famous last words: “hey! Watch this!”

  7. Jerry Cardarelli says:

    TowBoatUS Falmouth handled the salvage. They are the red boats in the photo.


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