Massarotti and Bertrand are broadcasting from the Ace Ticket studio by Fenway Park and are previewing this weekend’s Red Sox series against the New York Yankees.

Coming into the series, the Sox and Yankees are tied for 1st in the division. How important is this series? Is it a foregone conclusion that both of these teams will be in the playoffs?

Entering the season, the Sox were a strong favorite to take the division. The Yankees have had to deal with their share of injuries to some key players. Is it a victory for the Yankees to be where they are at this point in the season? Was it unfair to write the Yankees off earlier this year?

Which team has less question marks going down the stretch?

  1. Non Pink Hat says:

    I can’t wait for Felger to come back – two days Arod, one while they were sitting at Pats Camp, today a repeat of talk with Cashman – PLEASE FELGER, NO MORE VACATIONS! WEEI is looking really good right now!

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