Good Morning!! How Are You? (answer) “Shut Up.”

A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     What is your problem with the TSA anyway?  I just don’t get it.   I don’t like the airport delays either, I agree the long lines at check-in and the over abundance of TSA workers is a giant pain in the butt…..BUT…….get over it for goodness sakes.  It is what it is….the flying public has been safe since nine-eleven, and all the yahoos who are getting their undies in a bunch because now the TSA might ask you a question when you’re checking in……go take a freekin’ bus!!

     You might be asked:    “Good morning Sir, where are you going today?”   Or you may be asked:    “Good morning Mame…did you check any bags today?”

     It seems to me…with the smallest amount of sanity and civility… might respond to the first question with the answer….”I’m going to Chicago.”   One might respond to the second question with the answer….”no I did not.”   End of conversation…..not 10-seconds lost.   Pain in the butt maybe, but the people who are trying to make a giant “dust-up” about this……cheered on by some mis-guided talk-show radio people….need to GET A LIFE!!!!

     Just the other day, I passed a guy walking down the street and he said to me “good morning Sir.”    I responded……”go to Hell.”

     I’m kidding…..that never happened….but what is the problem here?   Should I pass you on the street and I inquire “how are you”…….lie to me…..but only if that makes you feel better.


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