BOSTON (CBS) – Pamela Salant broke her leg and injured her back when she fell while she was hiking in the Mount Hood National Forest.

She managed to stay alive by eating bugs, and wrapping herself in moss to stay warm.

The Holliston native was with her boyfriend when they got separated and Pamela had no supplies.

She needed to use her instincts to stay alive.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

She was finally found Tuesday, waving her arms on a log by a creek.

She was not only alone, but her boyfriend says she was hurt.

“She fell off a cliff and hurt herself,” says Aric Essig. “Broke her leg and broke her back and had deep cut on her leg.”

For her family in Holliston, the ordeal was overwhelming.

But thanks to a massive search effort from the ground and the air, Pamela was found just in time.


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