By Paul Burton

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – A Framingham church is headed for foreclosure over an unpaid water bill.

The Nobscot Union Chapel on Water Street hasn’t paid its water and sewer bill in nearly eight years, totaling $15,000, and that’s only some of what it owes.

The owners said it’s not their fault and they’ve found a way to pay the bill, but it may be too late.

Some call the historic building an eyesore, while others want to restore and preserve it.

“Wouldn’t you like to save something that your family help build? There are a lot of memories in there,” said Fred Cahill, whose family founded the chapel.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

“There is anywhere between 20 to 30 thousand dollars to the town of Framingham,” said Stephen Meltzer of Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust, Inc.

The building was founded in 1885. The current owner, the Nobscot Chapel Association, says for nearly the past decade the previous tenants failed to pay the utilities.

“And that put me in a bind. They moved out and left me in the hole because we have nobody because we never charged anybody for the church. It was always rent-free,” said William Dyan of the Nobscot Chapel Association.

Cahill said his grandparents helped build the chapel and is willing to pay the bill as a loaner. But, the town said it may be too late.


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