BOSTON (CBS) – The Food and Drug Administration wants the makers of the brownies once known as “Lazy Cakes” to stop marketing them because they’re not safe.

Fall River’s mayor tried to get the melatonin-laced brownies banned from stores last May.

That failed, but the Memphis-based company that makes them, HBB LLC, changed the snack name to “Lazy Larry” after the public outrage from around the country.

Now, the FDA has sent the company a warning letter saying it can seize the brownies from store shelves if HBB continues to market them.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports

In the letter, the FDA said the brownies are “adulterated” because they contain the sleep aid.

“There is no food additive regulation that authorizes the use of melatonin,” the FDA letter said.

The federal agency added that it’s “not aware of any basis to conclude that melatonin is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use in conventional foods.”

Read: The FDA letter

In a response posted on its Facebook page Wednesday, the company said:

“Lets clear up the rumors on the street and in the press: we are in receipt of a letter from the FDA and are taking immediate steps to address their concerns – all of which stem from the way the product is packaged, labeled and marketed. To be clear, there has never been any suggestion that the product itself is unsafe in any way. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the FDA to immediately remedy these concerns, and to ensure compliance with FDA’s dietary supplement regulations.”

Comments (5)
  1. Pat says:

    You can buy Melatonin in any health food store or even major pharmacies. Are they going to ban them in every way shape and form? Probably not. So why pick on just one form of obtaining melatonin.

  2. jerry says:

    Well i have tried it and i will say if you give a child this it will knock them out cold , a lady in the store i bought it told me a father was giving this to his child and in my opinion thats should be considered child abuse because it is strong and you are only suppose to eat half of a brownie , so what do you think it will do to a child hmmmmm .

  3. John Glenn says:

    I ate one of these at work last week and didn’t wake up until the next morning. My boss was not pleased.

  4. Jesse_EngAmer says:

    How unnecessary can you get?
    “In the letter, the FDA said the brownies are “adulterated” because they contain the sleep aid.”
    It makes sense…considering they’re marketed at adults. The FDA”s primary concern is that the product features a logo that is similar to Spongebob. The FDA should have no creative control in the branding or image of a company. Furthermore the FDA has bigger concerns.
    According to the FDA: The safety of America’s food and medical products remains under serious threat. Imported vegetable protein contaminated with melamine has sickened and killed American pets, and milk tainted with melamine killed and injured children in China. Contaminated heparin, diverted and counterfeit glucose monitor test strips, glycerin contaminated with diethylene glycol (DEG), and low quality titanium destined for medical implants have all raised public health concerns. Peppers, eggs, peanut butter, pistachios, spinach, and cookie dough have all been associated with serious disease outbreaks in recent years. Many of the crises were due to, or exacerbated by, the regulatory challenges of globalization.”

    Stop wasting time and money FDA. Focus where it matters.

  5. Cake recipe quick says:

    Cake balls are smaller components of paradise. They’re the newest treat superstar.chocolate cake

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