By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – President Obama is calling for Congress to cut their vacation short and return to end the stalemate over an aviation shutdown.

The Feds could lose one billion dollars or more this month alone because of the failure for lawmakers to reach a deal.

The shutdown means airlines cannot collect taxes on ticket sales and thousands of FAA employees are on unpaid furloughs. It’s a fight that is personal for many New England workers.

“We just want to get back to work, we don’t care who’s pointing fingers at who. Democrats or Republicans, it doesn’t matter to us.”

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

Steve Finnerty has dedicated his career to the FAA for the last 15 years as a civil engineer at work, a dad of three and the only parent working at home. But 12 days ago he learned his paychecks would stop.

Finnerty along with more than 40 employees at the Nashua Federal Aviation Administration facility were furloughed.

“We saved money so we can pay our bills but that was for big emergencies that you can’t control, but we’re dipping into our savings now we’re cutting back wherever we can.”

Bills are one thing, but these young parents have year old twins who were premature and spent days in the hospital after they were born.

They have health insurance but every time the twins persistent medical problems lands one back in the hospital, the payments are out of pocket.

“It’s just stressful it adds stress to having three little kids, what are we gonna do,” says Steve’s wife, Amy.

For now the Finnertys are keeping their spirits up. Dad spends more time with the kids and mom doesn’t mind the help.

But they want Congress to vote and do their job because Steve needs to get back to his, “this is really doesn’t seem fair to us, we’re just pawns stuck in this political game.”

Another group that is suffering during this partial shutdown is construction workers. Projects around the country are on hold for now including more than $5 million worth at the Nashua facility.

Comments (2)
  1. Dave_D says:

    All airport construction projects halted. Inspections halted. Billions in revenue diverted to the airlines’ pockets. Our House of Representatives continues their disastrous, irresponsible ways.

    Notice, that they were careful to not to cause disruption to business jet flights. And they sure didn’t want to miss their vacation.

  2. Peter Maccini says:

    If our NH Senator and former Govonor’s salery were held in the balance, I am sure she would be back too work. The President (DEM) urged her and the rest back. The House did what was best for their constituants, how about you Senators of NH? Many FAA employees (includung me) are without jobs that benefit all of NH, and New England. More than the 16 Million you argue for. How about you delete the 16 million rural airport monies, on your 12 person panel, or is that too obvious? Get back to work so that therest of our public servants can do the same.
    Peter Maccini Nashua, Nh

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