BOSTON (CBS) РFormer Red Sox center fielder Fred Lynn dropped by the studio to hang out with Toucher & Rich Tuesday.

Lynn started his career with the Red Sox with a phenomenal 1975 season in which he won the MVP and Rookie of the Year awards, the first player ever to win both in the same season.

The Red Sox traded him with Steve Renko to the Angels for Frank Tanana, Jim Dorsey and Joe Rudi after the 1980 season.

Did he really want to leave town like the Red Sox said he did?

“No, not really, I actually told everybody that I did not want to go anywhere. That was put out there by the ball club, that was to placate the fans and let them know that I wanted to go elsewhere when they wanted to get rid of me,” Lynn told the guys.

They went on to discuss his success in the West with the Angels and his return to the East with the Orioles.

Then they talked about the media criticizing players and John Lackey calling out teammates from the mound.


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