FOXBORO (CBS) – At Bill Belichick’s press conference on Tuesday, the topic of Randy Moss and his retirement came up, and Bill was not rushing to judgement.

He said he hasn’t seen, heard or read anything from Randy, so he did not want to speak on his behalf. That gives the indication that Bill doesn’t believe Randy is done yet.

He did say that Randy has done a great deal for this organization and he was one of the best players he has ever coached.

Bill went on to say, “I think that will be recognized in time at some point, really how exceptional of a player he was. He made a lot of contributions to our football team in the time he was here. I enjoyed coaching him. I enjoyed our relationship off the field as well as on the field.”

WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid reports



On Kevin Faulk’s return to the team:

“I think the world of Kevin Faulk. He’s been a very productive player for us. He’s the ultimate team player. He takes great pride and professionalism in his job, and he’s a great example for all of us in terms of being a professional, team-oriented, and putting himself secondary to the team goals. He sets a great example and doing everything he can to help the team win. I don’t know how you could get a better example than that. He’s along the lines of Troy Brown and Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison and many other players we’ve had like that. He’s at the top of that list.”

First impressions of Haynesworth:

Belichick was asked what thought of Haynesworth’s first practice with the team Sunday. “Albert, he’s worked hard. It’s coming. We have a long way to go. Just take it day by day. I think he’s doing fine.”


Well, even though they can’t out out onto the practice field until the 4th, Matt Light and Logan Mankins were on the sidelines watching.  Good to see them here.

Also Tedy Bruschi was here watching.  Felt like Old Home Week with him in the house.


The Patriots have now signed all but one of their draft picks – first round selection Nate Soldier.

The Pats announced Tuesday afternoon that they’ve signed second-round draft picks Ras-I Dowling and Shane Vereen.

Dowling, a cornerback from Virginia, was the first pick of the second round, 33rd overall. Vereen, a running back from California, was 56th overall.


The Patriots also announced they’ve waived quarterback Jonathan Crompton.

See: NFL Free Agency Tracker

This paves the way for third round draft pick Ryan Mallett to see more reps in training camp. Mallett is hard to miss here in camp, he’s six-foot-six and the young man has a big arm.

When drafted many said, he would be the Patriots future QB. Whether that’s true or the Pats want to showcase him for a deal down the road, they are spending a lot of time getting him up to speed.

Crompton’s departure means Brady, Brian Hoyer and Mallett are the three quarterbacks on the depth chart. That’s how the Pats are expected to enter the season.


Now that Week 2 of training camp has begun, here are some quick first week impressions:

Albert Haynesworth is big and mean – bigger than I ever thought and stronger than I ever thought. Watching him move around the field is like watching a not-so-jolly giant. It will be interesting to see Albert and Logan Mankins go at it when Logan gets into camp. Both are nasty at their positions and it should be a great test of strength. My money is on Logan.

Chad Ochocinco has about 10 drops in camp. He’s a precise route runner and he’s fast coming in and out of his cuts. Rob Gronkowski said that was one of the things he noticed about Chad right from the get go. But holding onto the ball is a big problem. Chad needs to catch the ball.

Nate Solder was picked in the first round by the Patriots. The left tackle out of Colorado was selected to protect Tom Brady’s blindside but he is still a training camp holdout. Bad move for the rookie but a good thing for Matt Light. His recent two-year deal with the team is a direct result of Solder not being here.


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